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Native Americans in comparison with the American Dream - Referat

The Native Americans 22.08.07

The Natives of North and South of America has been called "Indians" by Columbus because he has thought of discovering India. When Columbus has come to Amerika the behaviour of the Natives changes because of the white civilisation. From this day fourth, there have been always trouble and fights between the whites and the Indians.
The white people have won in the end, but they have organised many reservations where the natives can live.
With the time, the Indians want to have more rights like the white population, so the have start a peaceful battle against them.
29th of December 1890 there was a massacre between the Sioux and the US-troops, where 400 natives have died. Another important day has been on 27th of February 1972 as 200 Natives want to demonstrate against the United States government up to South Dakota. This demonstration have ended on 8th of August 1973.

Today, the Natives increases in North America, but in the South of the USA many of their tribes become extincted.Most of them are without work, have a small life expection and many of them are poor. Most of their children die, because they have not enough medical help.

They have lived in reservations which have meant no freedom and no liberty. Their land has been "stolen" by the white people,so the have no freehold.Considering all these aspects, i think that the Native Americans want to live the American Dream like any other person because of freedom, liberty, freehold, jobs and the better education for their children in schools.

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