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Native Americans Religion - Referat

Most native Americans believed in supernatural forces.
Most Native Americans are heathens. Behind each natural phenomenon whether, wind, rain, or lightning and thunder they saw a higher power in the form of spirit. With the Native Americans all things have a soul.
Every Native American had the goal of finding a personal protection spirit who supported him while he hunted, fought but also for his health. On the search for this protection spirit, the Indian withdrew himself for several days into isolation to find the protecting spirit in a dream.
During this time, he didnít eat anything, because he thought, that the perception improves during the dream. The spirit could appear in each form. E.g. a dog, a cat, a stone or something different could become a protecting spirit.
By the spirit he experiences also things that bring luck to his life.
He collected and arranged these things in his personal medicine bag, which he always carried with him.
In the religious life of the Indians, nature and dead spirit played an important role. For the Native Americans there was no exact separation between reality and dream.
Beside this Spirit there is also a hero-worship. It acted over persons from the past or present who are labelled with outstanding acts. They had made an immortal name. You didnít pray on it, separate you admired it. For all spirits there was a special name: Wakan Tanka. The white ones called it simply big spirit.

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