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My superpower - Referat

My superpower

If I could have a superpower, I would be able to make myself invisible. If Iím able to do this then I will be able to hide and I can go to places, where I normally canít go. Also Iím able to hide if somebody follows me or somebody wants to catch me and then I will creep away without the pursuer following me.

An important advantage is that I can help the police to catch robbers or thieves. If there was a bank assault, I would creep in and beat the robber and the hostages would be safe and proud of me.

Another advantage is that I can help people as a private detective. Iím invisible and so I can follow people without being noticed. This is very important in this job.

One disadvantage, however, is that I might always flee from bad situations, so I donít learn anything about how I can make it better next time. It isnít good to run away from problems but nevertheless I think this would be my favourite superpower and it is really cool if you can become invisible, but itís important that you help people and donít hurt them.

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