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Musichistory pop & Rock - Referat

1950 - Today

Music join all people in the world together, everywhere you go you hear music. For the people music is natural always there. If you feel bad, if you want to make party, when you are happy, if you want to cuddle with someone or just to chill, for everything you want to do and for every flavour, it gives the right music, whether soul or funk, classical music or rock, pop or techno, there are so many different music styles. But I am working only with one that’s the Rock & Pop Music, which everyone like and would be a memory, when you are thinking back.

The music history has deep roots, it began really early and the music area is very large that’s why it’s almost impossible to write it down. That’s the reason because I’m starting with the 50’s. In the 50’s the music had begun to develop, to look over the race of people and she became more media. It’s unbelievable, but every decade had his own style, superstars and backgrounds.


Pop Music  popular music
Rock Music  Rock ’n’ Roll music

A few of big musicians, but only a few could survive over decades. This are not many, because it’s difficult, every decade has his own style and so the musicians must go on with the style and you know the real talented persons are a bit crazy and mental ill and sometimes they commit suicide or have a specially death and so they can’t survive over the decades.


• Elvis Presley: He started to sing in the 50’s – Rock ‘n’ Roll
The best years for him were the 60’s
In the 70’s he have still sung, but 1977 he died. ( p.5)

• Elton John: His career started in the 70’s
In the 80’s wasn’t finished
In 90’s the career wasn’t finished, too.
And now he is even in the business

• Michael Jackson: His career started in the 70’s together with his brothers,
The 80’s were the most successful years for him
In the 90’s he changed a little bit his style, but he was still successful.
And now in the new Millennium he tries his luck again.

• Madonna: Her career started in the 80’s very successful,
In the 90’s the career have been still successful
And now in the new Millennium she’s still successful, example: “Hung up”
Important points of every decade:

The birth of Rock ‚n’ Roll
Black & White

Rock & Soul
Later Flower power
Discover of big bands

Glam- and Punk rock
Disco Music

Live Aid
Pop & Rock

Boy groups

Black Music…

Rock ‚N’ Roll


• “The brutaliest, ugliest and meanest music, I have ever heard.”  Frank Sinatra about Rock ’n’ Roll
• “If I would find a white man with a voice and the feeling like a black man, I would be a millionaire. “  Sam Phillips before he met Elvis.
• “Rock ‘n’ Roll was something like a liberator.”  Little Richard

The 50’s are known for Rock ‚n’ Roll. The teens in the 50’s had found something that made fun, they were against the society and they made what they wanted to do. They made trouble and fights after the concerts of their idols; therefore Rock ‘n’ Roll was at this time very detested. The people said Rock ‘n’ Roll were a very aggressive music. This music wasn’t all right for the society. But when you look back today to the 50’s, it was very good music with much rhythm and feelings.

The black people have begun with Rock ‘n’ Roll, but they hadn’t chance to make hits, because at this time the racism has been still heavy. So it was easier for the white people just to copy the black ones, and so they made Evergreens like: Bill Haley & the Comets- “Rock around the clock”; Elvis Presley- “Jailhouse Rock"

My Favourites

• “Johnny be good”/ “Sweet little sixteen” – Chuck Berry
• “Rock around the clock”– Bill Haley
• “Great Balls of fire”- Jerry Lee Lewis
• “Tutti Frutti”/ “You make me wanna shout” – Little Richard
• “Jailhouse Rock”/ “Don’t cry daddy” – Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in East Tupelo (Mississippi) on 8 January 1935. In the year 1953 he was discovered like a musician. He was a young good looking man who danced and sang very well, and so he had many hits like: “Heartbreak hotel”, “Love me tender”, “Jailhouse rock”…
The people loved him, he was an idol for teens and everyone wanted to be like Elvis. But parents said he danced to sexy, it was too sexual for the society. Later in 1958-1960 he was in the army, but it was no reason for a break, in the sixties he had become a superstar; he was and is the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”
Elvis was a product of the media, everywhere they could they have made money with Elvis. Then he was an actor, the films were totally stupid but the people wanted to see Elvis and the films were more successful like other films at there time. His career had gone pretty good, but in 1973 his wife Priscilla Beaulieu divorced him. After this divorce Elvis became ill, he had many stress because of the tours and the people put him under pressure. He took many pills; his body couldn’t take it any more. On 26 June 1977 it was the last concert for Elvis; in the records of the last concerts it was to see that his body was very weak. On 16 August 1977 Elvis died in Memphis Tennessee with 42 years. It was a shock for all people in the world. After his dead, it was terrible, for the media Elvis have been a product, but Priscilla was angry about that. She said, that she thinks that’s shame-and tasteless what the media do with his name. In the end: Elvis Presley is a legend and he is really the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Richard

On 5 December 1932 Richard Wayne Penniman was born in Macon, Georgia. He was known for his perfect styling; with a perfect shaved moustache, perfect eyebrows and the hairs always long but upwards with gel and always perfectly dressed.
When he began to play the piano, to sing and to screech, the walls started to shake. The people thought he was crazy. What is “Tutti Frutti”, is it something to eat?? He danced on the piano like no other. His disadvantage was that he was black. If he would be white, maybe he had become the “King of Rock ’n’ Roll instead of Elvis. He was an actor, too. In every movie, he played himself.
He was the discoverer of James Brown and he was an idol for the Beatles, they sang long tall Sally, one hit of Little Richard in the 60’s. In the 70’s Little Richard admitted that he is gay. In 1993 he got a Grammy for his life work, but he was angry about it, because he got it backstage and not at the event like Ray Charles.

Rock, Soul & flower power


• “In this decade I had the feeling, that it was the start of all and the end of all. But when the decade was over and the new decade has come, you could feel that it wasn’t the end of all, it had to go on, but maybe I thought so at this time because I was a teenager”  Ray Davies
• “At that time you wanted to find peace and love and this you can hear. The music of the 60’s has a lot of soul and heart…” Brian Wilson
• “All that happened, happened so fast, that the people are still busy to understand what was going on.”  Bob Dylan

The music in the 60’s has in the contrast to the music in the 50’s more sorts of music styles like the Beat Music, (Beatles, Rolling Stones,...) Soul and Funk Music has begun (James Brown) and in the late 60’s has come the hippie music (Mamas & Papas). The lyrics have changed, too. They have become more serious. They told about problems in our society and environment for example: Simon & Garfunkel- Sound of silence,
Bob Dylan- Blowing in the wind.

At the beginning of the 60’s it was still Rock’n’Roll but differently. The Rock’n’Roll was developed and so there was found a new dance, too: The Twist! Everybody knows how to dance this. With the legs it is like you would stub out a cigarette and with the arms you do like you would dry your back with a towel - And these two steps together was the Twist.

In the 60’s were also big events like the Musical “Hair” (premiere: 17 Oktober1967) or the first edition of the magazine Rolling Stone. It was coming out on 9 November 1967; the first musician of the title page was John Lennon.
“A magazine not only about music, but also about things and attitudes, that are belong to it” Rolling Stone, 9 November 1967

My Favourites:

• “RESPECT” - Aretha Franklin
• “Satisfaction” - Rolling Stones
• “Yesterday” - Beatles
• “Like a rolling stone”/ “Blowing in the wind” - Bob Dylan
• “California Dreamin’”- Mamas & Papas
• “Sound of silence” – Simon & Garfunkel
• “Papa’s got a brand new bag- James Brown”

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Pentz Gay jr. was born on the 2 April 1939 in Washington D.C. and died on 1 April 1984, one day before he would have become 45 years old. The people said about him that he gave pop and Rhythm & Blues a new sound and that he could unite Blues, Rock, Soul, and Jazz.... But he was very quiet, unpredictable and, like many genius, mental ill. Marvin had a bad childhood, because his father was really strict to him. His father had beaten Marvin very often and so the relationship to his father wasn’t really good. Marvin had suffered in his last years on depressions, he was mental ill and cocaine addicted. The day of his death: Gay Senior shot his son Marvin two times in the chest in front of his wife (Marvin’s mother). Then Gay Senior went out of the house and threw the gun of the lawn and waited of the police. His mother ran to his son Frank and called the police. But it was too late, Marvin died at 13:01 in the Hospital Medical Centre in California.
Marvin Gaye was one of the first artists at Motown who wrote his songs himself. In 1971 he wanted to bring out his album “What’s going on” but Motown wasn’t agree with this because the lyrics told about poverty, discrimination and pollution. But Marvin got Motown to agree with the album and it was a big success. In the next years Marvin was really quit, a few years he was in Europe to have a little rest. But in 1982 he tried it again with “Sexual Healing”. With that song he made an evergreen. In 2001 the international stars like Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Nelly, Ja Rule, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child and many others copied Marvin’s “What’s going on” and sang it together as a benefit song.
Marvin sang duets with Tammi Terrell (was his wife, but she died with 24 years on stage in his arms because of a tumour), Diana Ross, Mary Wells and Kim Weston.
A few of his biggest hits are: “Sexual Healing”, “Let’s get it on”,”Ain’t no mountain high enough”, “What’s going on”…

Bob Dylan

Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in Duluth, Minnesota on 24 May 1941. The people called him the Shakespeare of the 20th Century or a poet. But he didn’t like this terms. With 12 years he was able to play the guitar and harmonica, but he wasn’t able to read music. He broke up his study; because he wanted to be a musician. So he wrote in the yearbook, that he leave school to focus his goal “Little Richard” . He was 19 years old, when his career began in the New Yorker Greenwich Village. In October 1961, he got a contract with CBS. His lyrics were serious and that’s maybe a reason for his big success, because the people wanted to hear something serious, after the stupid lyrics in the 50’s. A few of his biggest hits: “Like a rolling stone”, “Knocking on heavens door”, “Blowin’ in the wind”,…
Now he is 64 years old and a legend. He was very important for the development of music, he made music history.

 Paul McCartney *18.6.1942 in Liverpool
 John Lennon *9.10.1940 in Liverpool †8.12.1980 in New York
 George Harrison *25.2.1943 in Liverpool †29.11.2001 in Los Angeles
 Ringo Starr *7.7.1940 in Liverpool as Richard Starkey

The Beatles are the most successful and famous band in the world. At the beginning they played in small clubs for less money, but then in 1961 Brian Epstein discovered the Beatles and become their manager. He gave them a new image. In 1962 began the Beatle mania. Everywhere the people were crazy about the Beatles. Screeching fans, police, hysteria,…
The Beatles are an idol for every artist. Every artist tries to write songs like John Lennon and Paul McCartney have done. One hit after another hit…they kicked themselves out of the charts with new songs; other artists hadn’t a chance to make new chart records. Many Songs of the Beatles are now classic hits, evergreens, like: “Yesterday”, “Help!”, “Hey Jude”, “Let it be”,” All you need is love”,..
At the beginning their music was more Rock ’n’ Roll, but later they become the perfect example for Beat music. They had their own style. Many bands tried to sound like the Beatles or British, but only one band managed it, to be a rival for the Beatles: The Rolling Stones! In the publicity the Beatles were the “good boys” and the Rolling Stones were the “bad boys”. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones have done in the publicity so that they didn’t like each other, this was for PR (public relations), but it wasn’t true. In the background the Beatles and the Stones were friends. On 10 April.1970 Paul McCartney announced that he split from the Beatles. But he didn’t say if it’s “momentary or definite”, he said that the collaboration Lennon/McCartney would no more work together in the next time. The reaction of the other members was so:
Ringo said that it was something “complete new” for him; George wanted to be alone and Lennon made jokes: “He didn’t part. He was fired, he got the sack! The reason for the split was Yoko Ono, Lennon’s wife, because Lennon didn’t part his private life and his band life.
On 9 January 1975 the split was definite. All members have done their solo projects with different success.

The Beatles in America:
On the 7.February 1964 the Beatles arrived the first time the USA. On the New Yorker John F. Kennedy airport was a big hysteria!!
“Well, this is America. Everybody seemed to going crazy!” said Ringo Starr, 7 February 1964

On 8 December 1980 John Lennon was shot down in New York. George Harrison died 29 November.2001 in Los Angeles because of cancer.

The Beatles sold until today 1 billion records: UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Rolling Stones

 Mick Jagger *26.7.1943 in Dartford, Kent, as Michael Philip Jagger
 Keith Richard *18.12.1943 in Dartford as Keith Richards
 Brian Jones *28.2.1942 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, as Lewis Brian Hopkin-Jones, †3.7.1969
 Bill Wyman *24.10.1936 in Plumstead, London, as William Perks
 Charlie Watts *2.6.1941 in London as Charles Robert Watts
 Ron Wood *1.6.1947 in Hillingdon, Middlesex

The Rolling Stones were always compared with the Beatles. But the Stones weren’t so good like the Beatles, they were bad boys. The Rolling Stones are like when you think about SEX, DRUGS & ROCK’N’ROLL. At the beginning of their career they sang songs of other artists.
Example: “Come on” by Chuck Berry
“Wanna be your men” by Lennon/ McCartney
“Not fade away” by Buddy Holly

But later they had an unmistakable sound, the sound of the Rolling Stones. “(I can’t get no) Satisfaction” was the breakthrough hit for them; this song is an evergreen and the most successful song of the Stones. In contrast to the Beatles the Stones are together until today, although they changed so often members. Now, they are more than 40 years on stage, but there is no end to see. “A bigger Bang” is the newest album; it has come out on the 5 September 2005 and in August 2005 they have started their world tour. On 3 August 2006 they are coming to Stuttgart.

A few of the biggest hits: “Satisfaction”, “Get off of my cloud”, “Paint it black”, “Angie”…

“This song has created the Rolling Stones. Of many bands he made one big band. A monster band!” said Mick Jagger about (I can’t get no) Satisfaction.

Glam- and Punk Rock & Glitter Music


• “The 70’s were the best time of Rock music…Bowie, Floyd, Hendrix, The Who …Led Zeppelin, the Sex Pistols, Queen, Elton… an incredible list. The records are standing for their own and will survive the time.”  Bryan Adams
• “We all were hippies…we felt this like a common thing of us.”  Joni Mitchell
• “In my opinion 1965-1975 was a heyday of the music. British musicians… American R&B… Memphis-Soul… American Pop, Rock and Folk… some good Disco- and Jazz things were wonderful. At this time all these forces come together and formed a fantastical musical mosaic.”  Arif

On 15, 16, and 17 August 1969 was a big event for the Love & Peace music: Woodstock! Very important acts had performed on stage like Santana, The Who, Sly and The Family Stone and many others. At this time it was the biggest Rock festival ever and there were so many people (450 000), almost all without tickets. With so a big event it is natural that this style of music wasn’t over at the beginning of the 70’s. John Lennon was well-known in the 70’s for Love & Peace with Yoko Ono.

But this was not the only music style in the 70’s. First of all it was Disco music, like the Bee Gees or Earth, Wind & Fire.
On 16 June 1978 the successful Broadway Musical “Grease” had come out in the cinemas as a movie. The principal actors were: John Travolta as Danny Zuko and Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsen. The film is a classic movie. Everybody knows it. The movie shows a typical gang of High school in the 50’s.
Another big movie with John Travolta was “Saturday Night Fever”. It shows a 19 year old boy, which spend his Saturday nights in a disco. On 14 December 1977 was the premiere of the Disco movie in New York. The soundtrack is very famous. Until today it is sold more 20 million times. For example there are songs by the Bee Gees or Kool and the Gang. The Bee Gees were very successful with their songs for the movie, like “Night fever” or “Stayin’ Alive”.
In this Disco area glitter outfits were fashion, although Rock bands mixed Rock with Disco and their outfits were mostly very feminine with glitter and plateau shoes, for example: KISS or Queen.

My favourites

• Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
• Dancing Queen/ S.O.S.- ABBA
• Imagine- John Lennon

• Bridge over troubled water- Simon & Garfunkel
• I was made for loving you- Kiss

 Agnetha Fältskog *5.4.1950
 Björn Ulvaeus *25.4.1945
 Benny Anderson *1612. 1946
 Anni-Frid Lyngstad *15.11.1945

ABBA is one of the biggest Pop bands ever. In 1966 Björn and Benny met the first time each other and until today they are good friends. Björn and Benny were really good songwriters and so they looked for two women, who could sing. So they found Agnetha and Frida. Later Björn and Agnetha married and Benny began a relationship with Frida. At the Eurovision Song contest in 1973 ABBA took part as “Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid” with the song “Ring!Ring!”. But they didn’t win. At the Eurovision Song contest 1974 they took part for Sweden again with the song “Waterloo” and they renamed the band in ABBA. This time they had won. “Waterloo” was a big success in Europe. Now nothing was standing in their way. With songs like “I do, I do, I do, I do, I do”, “S.O.S.” or “Mamma Mia” they made hits not only in Europe, also in Australia. Almost every hit of ABBA is well-known. “Dancing Queen” is probably the most famous song of them, it’s an evergreen. This song had come out in 1976; with that song they were really successful in the U.S.A., too. NR.1. everywhere! Now they were famous all over the world. The following hits were “Money, Money, Money”, “Take a chance on me” and “The name of the game”. Then in 1977 had come the turn. After 7 years marriage Björn and Agnetha got divorced and Benny and Frida married, but it was no end for the band. They had still success with songs like “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme” or “Voulez Vous”. Later in their career ABBA showed their soft side with songs like the very nice ballad “The winner takes it all” which Björn wrote for Agnetha after their divorce. In 1981 a new shock had come for the fans, Benny and Frida got divorced, too. It followed the song “One of us” that Benny wrote for Frida. But it was the end for ABBA, after over 9 years band story, very good Disco music and Glitter outfits, ABBA split. In the new millennium Benny and Björn had a really good idea; they produced “MAMMA MIA!”, a musical based on ABBA songs. It is very successful. Until today ABBA sold over 360 million records (with Best of albums).


 Freddie Mercury *5.9.1946 in Zanzibar as Frederick Bulsara †24.11.1991
 Brian May *19.7.1947 in Twickenham, Middlesex
 John Deacon *19.8.1951 in Leicester
 Roger Taylor *26.7.1949 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk as Roger Meddows- Taylor

Queen was one of the most successful British bands. Their breakthrough hit was “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the year 1975. It was a success all over the world. It was a strange sound a new music style was found: the Art-Rock. It’s a little bit of Rock and a ballad and opera!?!?! But it is a very good song. Queen’s advantage was that every member of them could write music. The video of “Bohemian Rhapsody” was something new, too! For today it is nothing special, but at there time it was entertainment. In 1977 followed another evergreen of Queen, “We are the champions”, everyone knows this song. It is used very often as a hymn for important football matches. At the B- site of the record was another song, which everyone knows: “We will rock you”. Queen had known how to sell themselves, for example they was the first band, who pressed their songs on CD’s or with a video-collection. At the beginning of their career, they had got very bad critic. For example, they called Mercury a gay beauty or a Hard- Rock- Queen. But Queen showed them, that they were better as the critics said. Queen’s career was always successful.
In 1991 you could see that, that Mercury wasn’t healthy. On 23 November 1991 he announced that he suffers on AIDS and one day later he died on pneumonia. Because of his death, big stars like Guns ’n ’Roses, Metallica, George Michael, Elton John,… organized on Easter Monday 1992 a commemoration in the Londoner Wembley stadium for 72.000 spectators and 1,5 billion televisions viewer. It was a big event.
On December 1991, George Michael and Elton John sang together “Don’t let the sun go down on me” for Freddie Mercury. It was a number one hit in the UK and in the USA, too.
Like ABBA they had a musical, too. It is called “We will rock you” and it is based on songs of Queen.

Elton John

Reginald Kenneth Dwight was born on 25 March 1947. In the 70’s, a little man with crazy hats, crazy glasses and plateau shoes called Elton John had become one of the most important musicians ever. He can play the piano really good and that’s his advantage. The 70’s were very successful for him, with songs like “Your Song”, “Crocodile Rock”, “ Sorry seems to be the hardest word”, “ Candle in the wind” (for Marilyn Monroe), he made evergreens. In the 80’s he made his name unforgettable with songs like “I’m still standing” or “Nikita”. At the end of the 80’s it was quiet about him. In these years he gave much money to AIDS foundations. In the 90’s he wrote a song for Disney’s THE LION KING and get with that song an Oscar for “best song in a movie”.
On 14 February 1984 he married the sound technician Renate Blauel, after 4 years they had been divorced and with the divorce he admitted that he is gay. In the 90’s he lost many friends like Freddie Mercury or Lady Diana. For Freddie he sang together with George Michael his song “Don’t let the sun go down on me” and for Lady Diana he sang his old song “Candle in the wind” that was original for Marilyn Monroe, again. It has become the most sold single ever. He gave the money of this song to Lady Di- foundations. On 21 December 2005 he married his boyfriend David Furnish. They are already 12 years together. Elton John is really important for the music history.

MTV, Benefit Songs & POP

• “The end of the 80’s was very different as the beginning. it is, like in the middle they has made a turn. At the beginning it was complete with irony and in the end there was big sincerity.”  Suzanne Vega
• “I’m calling the 80’s always the Reagan - Garfield – era…I’m feeling a strange nostalgia.”  Michael Stipe

The music in the 80’s was, in my opinion, very strange music. It was something new, it were different than the music before. It was a little bit of all. Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R’n’B, Hard Rock,… The 80’s are indescribable. From Cyndi Lauper to Prince, Bruce Springsteen to Madonna, Lionel Richie to Bryan Adams, Depeche Mode to Metallica,… it are so many.

For the television there was a new progress. A new channel: MTV (Music Television). On 1st August 1981 at 0:01, one minute after midnight the show began with the words: Ladies and gentlemen, Rock and Roll! It was a new concept, 24 hours only music videos. The first video on MTV was “Video killed the radio Star” by the Buggles. The other played videos at this day were for example The Who, Cliff Richard, Pat Benatar, Rod Stewart, Styx, the Pretenders and many others. Striking was that MTV played only videos of white musicians, till they played one year later on 5. March 1983 the first time Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” . Until today MTV is the most famous music channel in the world. Their awards like the Video music awards are for musicians one of the most important prices.

In November 1984, Bob Geldof , Lead singer of the Boomtown, had an idea, after he saw a documentation about poor hungry people in Ethiopia,. He wrote a song and called all big musicians together like Bananarama, Phil Collins, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Kool and the Gang. Annie Lennox, Marilyn, George Michael, Sting, U2, Ultravox, Jody Watley, Paul Weller, Spandau Ballet, Staus Quo and Paul Young to sing it. “Do they know it’s Christmas” is the title of the song. Until today it is a famous song and almost every year there is a new version of this song. In 2005 Bob Geldof made a new edition of Live Aid! “If there’s a problem, you’ve got to solve it” Bob Geldof, 13. June 1985

On 28 January 1985, another benefit song was sung. “We are the world” was wrote by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, produced by Quincy Jones and sang by 46 Top stars like Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Kenny Rogers, James Ingram, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Willie Nelson, Al Jarreau, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Loggins, Steve Perry, Daryl Hall, Huey Lewis, Cindy Lauper, Kim Carnes, Bob Dylan and Ray Charles. They called themselves USA for Africa.

My favourites:

• “Hello” – Lionel Richie
• “Sexual Healing” – Marvin Gaye
• “Beat it” – Michael Jackson
• “Every breath you take” - Police
• “Nothing compares 2 u” - Prince
• “The winner takes it all” – ABBA

Madonna Louise Ciccone was born on 16 August 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. As she was 6 years old, her mother died. Then she started to dance ballet and started to play the piano. In 1979 she was in a rock band “Breakfast club” but they had no success.
Her international breakthrough hit was with “Holiday”, but it wasn’t sure, if she were a superstar. In 1984 she shows the world that she wasn’t a one-hit-wonder with “like a virgin”. She was and is known for her very sexy image. She changes her style very often.
Momentary she is the Disco Queen with the album “Confessions on a dancefloor”.
In 1985 she married the actor Sean Penn, but they got divorced already in 1989. After many hits like “Papa don’t preach” or “La Isla Bonita” a new scandal was there. “Like a prayer” made many furores, because of the video. The video shows Madonna sexy half naked dressed in a church, Jesus is a black man and she flirted with the black Jesus. This was too much for the society. Madonna has no problem to show the world her body. In 1992 she posed for the Playboy.
Then in 1998, she was very successful again with her album “Ray of light”. It is her most sold album with hits like “Frozen” or “the power of Goodbye”. In 2000 she married Guy Ritchie and until today they are together.
Two years ago, Madonna was ready for a new scandal. She opened the MTV Video Music Awards with the Pop princesses Britney Spears and Christina Aguielera. They performed “Like a virgin”. No one imagined that they would kiss each other.
Her latest hit “Hung up” is a copy of the ABBA song “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”
Until today she sold more than 150 million records and so she is the “Queen of Pop!”

Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on 29 August 1958 in Gary, Indiana. As he was a child, he and his brothers “Jackson 5” get a contract at Motown. Then they had number one hits like “I’ll be there” or ABC”.
But later Michael began a solo career. In 1982 his album “Thriller” broke all records; it’s the most sold album ever. With videos like “Beat it” or “Thriller” he showed the world that black people could entertain with videos and that he is an amazing dancer. He was the first black man on MTV. He got 8 Grammy Awards for this album, which he produced together with Quincy Jones. Than his album “Bad” was come out, but it was a disappointment for the critics, because they thought, that Michael would top “Thriller”.
In 1991 his video to “Black or White” was a new art of videos. It’s legendary.
The 90’s wasn’t so good like the 80’s for him. The people laughed about his operations, many rumours about the abuse, his wedding with Lisa Marie Presley…things like that. The people thought that he is crazy, but he was a great musician and that’s not to forget.
One day a British critic said about him: “He is the richest and neurotic black man, who walked on earth!”
In 2005 he was accused, that he abuse kids, but the jury didn’t believe that and so he was free. Now he makes a rest in Bahrain, because he is sick and tired of all this bad rumours.
Like Madonna he changed very often his style and he is the “King of Pop!”
Until today he sold over 200 million records.

Now we make a trip to Germany.
In 1982 began in Germany “Die neue deutsche Welle”. International music was heard in Germany, but than it changed. German musicians started to sing in German and so it was new trend there. It were more and more musicians like


 Nena *24.3.1960 in Hagen as Gabriele Kerner
 Uwe Fahrenkrog – Peterson *10.3.1960
 Carlo Karges *31.7.1951
 Jürgen Dehmel *12.8.1958
 Rolf Brendel *13.6.1957

Nena and Rolf Brendel found a band, but in 1979 they split. Because of the “deutsche Welle” they tried it again with a new formation. In autumn 1982 they had their first hit with “Nur geträumt” it was the 2nd position in the hit parade. The next song “99 Luftballons” is probably the most famous song of them. It was a hit not only in Germany; it was number 1 in the UK as “99 Red Balloons” and in the USA it was of the 2nd position but with the German version. It’s very difficult to get top-ten-hits in other lands for a German musician and therefore it’s very great. The other hits were the famous songs like “Leuchtturm”, “?”, “Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann” and “Feuer und Flamme”. After 1986 the success was ending and so the band split one year later. Today under the name Nena, you think only at the singer Nena and not at the band. In 2002 Nena managed a comeback with her album “Nena feat. Nena”. In Germany it was in the top-ten. With new versions of her old songs like “99 Luftballons” or “Leuchtturm” she was really successful. But the new version of “Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann” with Kim Wilde together, was a number-one-hit in Germany. It was sung in English and German and so it was called “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime”. Now her topical album “Willst du mit mir gehn” is successful and there are new songs. A few of them are made together with the old band members like Uwe Fahrenkrog – Peterson.

Teen Pop, Techno and Rock


• “The 90’s showed us that they were one of the versatile phases of the music history. We saw the formation of Grunge, the rebirth of Pop and above all Hip-Hop became a part of mainstream”  Sean “P.Diddy” Combs
• “Grunge gave us kids a spiritual and a sensitive truth, which before no music has done…At the same time, Grunge showed us, how hollow the American dream was for us… Fred Durst
• “In the 90’s were so many different music styles. At the beginning of the 90’s come Nirvana and they resolved the complete grunge revolution, than the Hip-Hop and R&B were at the top of the charts and in the end of the decade the Pop music became very popular.”  Britney Spears

At the beginning of the 90’s the trendy music was Grunge. Grunge is a new style of Rock music, a mix between Rock and Heavy Metal. Nirvana is the best example for that. But Grunge died with Kurt Cobain (lead singer) together. Another famous band at the beginning of the 90’s was Guns ‘n’ Roses. With songs like “Welcome to the jungle” or “November Rain” they were successful. They copied Bob Dylans “Knocking on heavens door” and it was successful, too.
At the beginning of the 90’s in Germany the trendy music wasn’t only Nirvana or Guns’n’Roses, also Dancefloor Music and Techno. Something like Snap! , Mark’Oh or Marusha. Snap! made many unforgettable songs like “Rhythm is a dancer” or “The power”.
Then a new area began: Teen Pop! Many boy groups, all with the same style: good looking young men with an acceptable voice and good dance moves. For example: Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, Take That, …
But not only the boy groups counted as teen pop, there was also girl groups like the Spice Girls.
The 90’s are also famous for Pop princesses or Divas like Britney Spears, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguielera,…
Then later at the end of the 90’s R’n’B and Hip Hop was very popular. Till today it is so, Hip Hop is the music of the new decade. This entire Rap thing in the 90’s began with 2 Pac, after his death many tried to copy him and until today he is a legend and an idol for every rapper.

I think that the 90’s are too young to see evergreens and superstars. With the time, in about 5 or 10 years, we would think back in the 90’s and think to all the superstars and great hits.

My favourites

• “I swear” – All for one
• “Back at One” – Brian McKnight
• “Hero” – Mariah Carey
• “November Rain” – Guns ‘n’ Roses
• “The show must go on” – Queen
• “Rhythm is a dancer” – Snap!

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