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Muhammad Ali - Referat

Muhammad Ali was born on the 17th of January 1942 in Lousville Kentucky originally named Cassius Macellus Clay.

Facts about his Career:
When he was 12 years old his new bike was stolen so he met the police officer Joe Martin, who got a box studio, and Cassius told him he want to fight with the thief. Cassius went then every time to the Training.

After winning alone hundred of on hundred and eight fights as an amateur he won the Gold Medal at the Olympic Games in 1960 and became a professional boxer. After winning the fight against Sonny Liston on Feb. 25 in 1964 he became World champion. In 1967 his license and his World champion title were withdrawed but 4 years later he got his license back. In the legendary fight against Georg Foreman he became for the second time World champion. Only four years later he lost it to the unknown Leon Spinks. In the back fight Spinks hadnít any chance and Muhammad became for the third time World champion.
In 1980 he was beaten by Larry Holmes his only K.o. in his carreer. On December 11 his great carrier as a boxer ended in the defeat against Trevor Berick.
In 1999 he was honoured in Wien as the greatest material arts sportsman of the century.

Facts about his life:
He grow with his father Cassius Marcellus Clay Senior and his mother Odessa. He had a two years younger brother Rudolph. His father was Painter and his mother worked in the kitchen. Although the family clay wasnít rich, had the children enough money for Food and Clothes.
He lived at the time, where segregation and racism was everywhere, so he had a bad time when he was a children.

When he was 22 years old, he called himself Muhammad Ali, he didnít want to get called with clay, because it was the name of family who got slaves. He joined the Nation of Islam.

At the 10th Jenuary 1966 he married a woman called Sonji, but one year later he wanted to cancel the wedding, because Sonji
refused to wear muslime clothes and used make up.
One Year later Muhammad married again, but with Belinda Boyd, a girl he know from the school. She belive in the muslim religion very strong.

When he had to fight in the vietnamwar, he refused to fight there, because he didnít have a problem with the vietcong. The media called him then the draft-dodger, but he didnít fight there because his religion donít allowed it.

He was only one time in Prison, because he has driven a car without a drivers license.
His managmant was able to get the boxer after three and half years out of prison.

After his big fight with George Foreman he give up the boxing sport, in autumm 1984 he made a lots of medicinal tests, after eight days hospital they found that he had parkinson disease.

His last great Event was in 1996 when he flamed the olympic flame in atlanta.

I made a Report about him, because he is one of the importantest people in the Sports History.

Draft-doger = DrŁckeberger
Withdrawed = entzogen

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