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Movie Crash: Farhad after firing the gun - Referat

This gun in my hands... I shot. I hear the snap of the bullet, but nothing happened. No one got hurt. How is that possible?

I wanted to shoot the man! I wanted to hurt him so bad! Just as bad as he hurt me, my family and my shop! He didn't fix my door, he betrayed me! He is the cause of my despair!
I need to stop. I cannot blame him. It is my fault and my fault entirely. If I had only understood that he could not fix my door...He was eager to help me and I was harsh to him. I should not have tried to kill him! How horrible! I am a terrible person! Why did I ever think that pointing a gun at someone and shooting them would be the right thing to do? Even though the police officer told me that the locksmith cannot be blamed for the destruction of my shop, I still continued to dig out his address and attack him! Have I gone beserk?! How could I forget that the man I tried to kill is also a person? He has a daughter! The man has a family just like I do, as well as a daughter, just like I do. A little girl, exactly as Dorri once was. His beautiful daughter wanted to help him and save him, similar to the way my wonderful Dorri would do and does every single day. What would I be without my daughter, who also helps me communicate with everyone in this country?

I never intended for this to happen. The frustration became unbearable lately. Since moving to America, I have experienced nothing but bitterness. Although I was hoping to live in prosperity, I now rely on my daughter to provide for our family. Oh! The hopes and dreams that I had! All that was an illusion. Everyday I am discriminated. These people mistake me for being Arab. The man selling me this horrific gun called me "Osama"! Now my shop has been vandalised! I feel so overwhelmed!

I am afraid. My sole reason for buying this weapon was to protect my wife, my daughter and my shop. It was never my intention to use it like this! No! Nevertheless, circumstances alter cases and I have suffered enough under these
circumstances! I feel horrible and I have a lump in my throat, as I think about what I wanted to do. Never have I thought about myself as an outsider... now I do. My frustration has come to my head!

I will forever be grateful for the little girl, a beautiful angel, for saving this man. She did not only save his life, at the same time, she saved mine. I don't understand how it is possible that the bullet did not kill. Nevertheless, I am glad! Yes! I am relieved! It is mind-boggling to understand everything that just happened. Yet, I am so extremely happy that I did not kill the man. I did not hurt him nor his daughter.

I am filled with regret. My mind is racing, still one thought is clear: I need to learn to control my emotions. Yes! It is my responsibility to change my life for the better. I will work hard to integrate myself. Additionally, I want to learn English! That way I can comprehend and communicate without difficulties. Most importantly, I need to get rid of this gun! Dorri! She can control herself. To her I will give this piece of bad intentions.

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