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A Motorbike is a two wheeled vehicle powered by an engine. The wheels are in-line, and at higher speed the bike stays upright and sable, at lower speed the rider have to give the bike stability. The rider sits on a seat, with his hands on a handlebar witch is used to drive the bike, in combination with shifting his weight through his feet, witch are on foot pegs what are on the frame.


The first motorbikes was designed and built by the German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Cannstatt in1885. It was the first two wheeled, petroleum powered vehicle ever. They called their invention “Reitwagen” (riding car).If one counts two wheeled with steam power then the Americans was the first. One such machine was showed at circuses in1867, built by Sylvester Howard Roper. One of these machines exists and is the proof of a safety motorbike over many years. In 1894 the Hildebrand and Wolfmüller was the first motorbike that was able to buy. Up until the first world war the largest company was Indian, after this it was Harley Davidson.
From 1955 the NSU became the largest company until 1970 when Honda became the largest until now. Today the Japanese companies Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki dominate the bike industry. The last years BMW, Ducati and Triumph comes from Europe.


The chassis or frame is made out of aluminum and is with the rear suspension an integral component of the design. The fuel tank is over the engine and it is made out of steel. The wheel rims are normally out of steel, only racing bikes have rims made out of exorbitant carbon fiber.


Modern bikes have two wheels connected with the chassis by a suspension. The front suspension is two tubes in witch steel pegs sliding in it. The shocks become
damping from hydraulic fluid. The front fork is the most critical part of a bike. The rear suspension is a swingarm witch is attached via the swingarm pivot bolt to the frame and holds the axle of the rear wheel.


A motorbike have two brakes, one in the front, controlled by the right hand lever and one in the rear controlled with the right foot. The front brake is more powerful than the rear. The brakes are mostly disk based, but they could be drum based. Some companies have Antilock braking systems (ABS). Many drivers fear that the aggressive front brake
could stop their front tire and they lose the control of their bike.


The different types are Crouser and Chopper, Dirt bikes, Sport bikes, Race bikes and scooters. It gives some special types how Triks with three wheels and Quads and ATV’s with four wheels. It gives different classes of bikes; they are measure in ccm, (cubic centimeter). There are 50, 125, 250, 500, 1000 and over 1000 cmm. Almost all bikes have a tachometer and a speedometer.

Riding Positions

Modern riding positions are like horse riding. The position on Crouser and Chopper is like comfortable chair. The position on Sport bikes and motocross bikes is like sitting on the bike. In contrast, on race bikes you lie on the bike.


Motorbike accidents are more dangerous as accidents with cars. Most of the accidents are caused by car drivers. Motorbike drivers are more agile; they wanted fun on the street. Because of this they attract people. Many drivers are new to the sport, they would benefit from rider training.

Public Perception

In some less, poor countries are motorbikes a very cheap and efficient method of transportation but the bikes are not safe enough. Motorbike events are not well attended, because people don’t like the noise, but the number is getting more.


It give different motorbike sports, but the well known are the Motocross races and the street races. But the others are the Freestyle with motocross bikes and speedway with the drift bikes and Trial with Trial bikes.

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