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Moron Rhue The Wave - Referat

I want to recommend this book, because itís based on a true incident and itís about something everytime can happen again, that the pupils or students are building up a ďhuge teamĒ and itís influencing the whole school. I think itís interesting to know how this really happened.
Laurie Saunders is the editor-in-chief(=Herausgeber) of The Grapevine, the school newspaper of Gordon High School. She and her boyfriend David Collins are in the same history class. When their teacher, Ben Ross, shows them a movie about Hitler and Nazi-Germany they are shocked. They canít believe that something like that really happened. That no one stopped them. After Ben couldnít answer their questions he wants to try an experiment. He wants to show his pupils what life in Nazi-Germany might have been like. Through the salute and motto ďSTRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE, STRENGTH THROUGH COMMUNITY, STRENGTH THROUGH ACTIONĒ they are really going to believe in The Wave. They like that they are all equal. That nobody makes fun of the others. But not everyone thinks so. Laurie isnít sure about this Wave thing. Her mum thinks itís too militaristic. David and his friend Brian believe it Ďs just what the football team needs. Pupils from other classes join The Wave. But then some people are starting to threat those, who donít want to join.
Even the losers like Robert Billings are equal to the others now. David starts to believe in the Wave more and more and some day he even breaks up with Laurie, because she doesnít want to join anymore. Ben knows itís getting out of control, but he canít stop it, not yet. Laurie tries to convince her best friend Amy Smith that she shouldnít believe in The Wave. But Amy does, just like all the others. One evening Brian and David are waiting for Laurie when sheís going home from working on The Grapevine. When they see her, David wants her to stop writing about The Wave. When Laurie doesnít want to do that, he gets angry. He throws her down on the grass. Suddenly he realizes what he is doing and what the Wave has done to him. Together they are going to Ben that evening. They want to make him clear that The Wave has gone too far. Ben has already realized that, and he wants to stop it. The next day he organizes a Wave rally. He tells the Wave members that they have to come, because their leader will speak to them on TV.

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