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Moon Palace - Referat

Chance and coincidence

Auster uses phrases „as chance would have it“ or „as luck would have it“ for introducing further action
Marco meets Kitty by chance and they are wearing the same T-Shirt (p. 47, l. 7-8)
Kitty and Zimmer find and rescue Marco in Central Park just in time (p. 89, l. 29 – p. 90, l. 4)
Marco gets the job at his grandfather without knowing that there is a realtionship between them
„Kepler´s blood“ is based on coincidences (p. 291)
Solomon falls into the grave after telling Marco that he is his father (p. 330)
Solomon and Victor may have seen each other as many as three times ( p. 282, l. 4-5)


gets 1492 books → year of journey of Columbus → Marco is on a similar kind of journey
sentence in his fortune cookie: “The sun is the past, the earth is the present, the moon is the future“ (p. 118, l. 17)
unexpected events often upset Marco, and make him loose his mental equilibrium → he tries to see them as transcendental signs
at the end of the book, Marco looses his car and all the money (p. 343, l. 6-14). That means he is determined to do what ever he wants, nothing can disturb him
→ So Marco accepts chance and coincidence as a part of his life


Effing emphasizes that there are no coincidences („There are no coincidences. That word is used only by ignorant people...“) (p. 126, l. 21)
Effing tells Marco his chance meeting with Tesla (p. 175, l. 7-8)
he finds a cave in the desert by chance, where he lives a few month (p. 195, l. 4-5)
Effing sees the Indian George coming up to the cave as he sits on the roof (p. 202, l. 14)
Thomas Effing dies on the 12th of May, as he has said 2 months before. For Marco it seems to be absurd, that Effing fulfilled his prediction (p. 254, l. 27-28)

Conclusion(Aus dem Internet!!!!)

The plot of Moon Palace is based on coincidences. By using this device the story seems to be unreal or almost fantastic. Chance is an important factor because it determines the course in which the story develops. The lives of the characters cross by chance and reveal relationships which have been unknown or kept secret; e.g. Effing finding out about his fatherhood or Barber’s chance meeting with his son. All the families in the story are formed by chance and chance meetings represent instability which influences Marco’s life. Paul Auster deals with the topic of chance rather obviously and attentions on the importance of coincidence as he uses special phrases to indicate on several incidents. For example: “As chance would have it, ...”; “As luck would have it, ...”; “...by accident...”.

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