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Monasteries - Referat

1.Why did people choose to become a monk or a nun?
Because religion was so important in the Middle Ages,many people wanted to be closer to God,so they become a monk or a nun.
Another aspect was that a lot of people weren´t able to get education, but monks were thought to read and to write or the people just wanted a place to live.

2.System of a monastery
The monastery arrangement is always surrounded by a wall.
The biggest building of a monastery is the church.
But there were also many other rooms,too.
Young boys had to learn in a school that belonged to the monastery.
Normally a monastery had a hospital,too.

3.Monasteries and their functions
Monasteries were used as a library for ancient manuscripts.
New books were written and copied there and put into the library.
The monks spent most of their time praying and working.
The most monasteries had a hospital for ill people.
Monks and nuns researched herbals and plants,so they knew very much about medicine.
They were a self-sustaining community.

4.What is an order?
An order is a religious community of men and woman,who live with certain rules in amonastery.

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