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Mobile Phones/Messages - Referat

History / Introduction

The development of the portable radio actually began 1926 with a telephone service in the course of the German National Railroad and the German post office on the distance between Hamburg and Berlin. This telephone service only has offered the passengers the first Class, but 1918, approximately five years after the invention of the Meissnerischen transmitter, by the German National Railroad already attempts with radio telephones were already accomplishing in the area Berlin.

Text message/MMS

Today each mobile can dispatch text messages.

Advancements of the SMS exist under the name Enhanced Message service (EMS) and Multimedia Messaging service (MMS). The MMS offers the possibility of dispatching with a mobile telephone multimedia messages (videos, pictures, clay/tone and text) from up to meanwhile 500 KB to other mobile terminals. MMS is not compatible to SMS or EMS, Terminals must MMS explicitly support. The photographed pictures are saving on the mobile and can be dispatching as multimedia messages (MMS). Fees result, which are at present with approximately 30 to 100 euro cent per MMS. Depending upon type of mobile, these pictures can be dispatching also as E-Mail, over infrared, by Bluetooth or transferred over an USB cable.

Data communication

With many mobiles is possible it, for data by serial or USB cable to transfer via infrared or Bluetooth to the computer and back. It is possible to synchronize the directory to transfer in the Internet (via WAP or mobile HTML) to surf or to loud pictures and bell tones down on the mobile. A transmission of Java programs (above all plays) is permitting by practically all manufacturers, whereby each Java program with each mobile model is not compatible.

Theft / Sim Card

Mobiles are popular thief objects, whereby not only turned on, announced mobiles are interesting (the thief with them without own costs to telephone there can), but also switched off telephones secured over the PIN on the SIM card. The SIM card can be removing at any time problem-free. If it concerns a mobile already unlocked, a new SIM card must be only inserted, that mean, the devices can be offered thus on the gray market as adequate hardware (for example over the Internet). In order to prevent this, the protection of the equipment is recommending by a check code. Depending upon attitude the equipment is then deactivated after a certain Inactively time or switching off and is only with the help of the code again to be activating.

Passende Fragen zum Text:

Frage: For what stands the name mobile phone?
- The name mobile therefore, it agitates that is a movable (Greek for mobil) telephone.

Frage: Are there some more names for mobile?
- Of course, you can also say tumor, cell telephone and mobile, it stands for mobile

Frage: When was the first sending of a text message?
- The first sending of a text message was in December 1992, by a PC to a mobile in the British Vodafone net.

Frage: What can I do with a mobile?
- The development goes increasingly toward combined multi-function equipment with functions as telephone, clock and alarm clock, camera, MP3-Player, navigation equipment, computer and paddle. For these devices in the meantime the designation became generally accepted Smartphone or also PDA Phone.

Frage: What about mobile tariffs?
- There are one different between contracts with monthly account (Postpaid) and prepayment (Prepaid). With Postpaid, you can pay after phoning, and with Prepaid, you must pay before phoning.

Frage: Can you tell me the net offers in Germany?
- There are several net offers in Germany, T-Mobile, Vodafone, E-Plus and O2 Germany.

Frage: Can you tell me the market leader with mobiles?
- World market leader with mobiles is the Finish enterprise Nokia, above all Asiatic Manufactures like LG electronics, Bird, Haier, Konka, Spice Telecom and TCL, get regarding the market share up.
Frage: What is about BenQ and Siemens mobile?
- Siemens mobile already sold the range to BenQ, whereby you can still use the name Siemens.
Frage: Why did you choose this topic?
- I chose this topic, because I very interested in this topic. It is a wide topic, but a very interesting one.
Frage: Which are the largest portable radio manufactures?
- The largest portable radio manufactures are Audiovox, BenQ (formerly Siemens mobile), Kyocera, LG electronics, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sagem, Sanyo, Sharp, SK Teletech and Sony Ericsson. Alcatel has step out of the division of mobile phones.
Frage: What about mobiles by driving?
- It is forbidden to use a mobile, without free intercom, by driving a car in many countries (for example Germany, Switzerland and Austria). During neglect of the prohibition, penalties are imposed. In addition, many are not well known, that a headset is not recognized in al countries as free intercom. However, even with mentioned free intercom a driver, as newest studies show, can be diverted substantially from the traffic happening.

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