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Michael Jordan - Referat

Michael Jordan
I admire Michael Jordan the best basketballplayer the NBA has ever had! He was born on the 17. februar 1963 in Brooklyn grews up in a Village called Wilmington, North Carolina. 1977 he visiteds the Laney Higschool. His favorite sport was basketball but in his first year at highschool he was not good enough for the highshcoolteam. So he begann to train basketball. He did it so often that two years later he was in the team. He played so good that he became a “sportstipendium” in the university of North Carolina. Later he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls. In his first game he throwed the decised point. He became the Topscorer of the NBA. In his third saison he made 3000 points. Then he gots the price of the MVP! The most Valuable Player of the NBA. The following two years again. He was the best player of the NBA.
But then his father was murdered and he stopped his career. Two years later he came back and played again. For a basketballplayer he was very old and when the team of Shaquille O'Neal won the decised game most people begann to doubt at his comeback! But then the Bulls transfered dennis rodman in the defence and they began to be the team they were. Then with 35 years explained Jordan who was six times champion and 5 times MVP the stop of his career! At 2001 he played again but only in a team which was not very good! The money he gets there he bounties to the families of the victims from the 11.septemebr 2001. He played with 38 years also very well! 2003 he stopped his career once and for all! I think he is an intellegent player and he has also many willpower! Of this case i admit him!

He is a legend and the t-shirt with his legendary number 23 never was given to an other player!

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