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Mice - Referat

Today I want to tell you something about mice. They belong to the rodent family. Mice followed the humans about 8.000 years ago and now they live everywhere in the world except the north- and the south pole. They are very adaptable and have a high rate of reproduction. In the ancient culture of the Egyptians mice were holy and in ancient rome they were used for general medicine purposes. 4.000 years ago mice were domesticated to be a pet.

They are very social animals and live in hordes. Characteristic for the mice are their cleanliness, their sense of smell and their hearing. Mice are excellent climbers, swimmers and are very nimble. Mice are active at day and night and do not hibernate. Their natural enemies are cats, foxes, snakes, birds of prey, owls, marten, weasels and hedgehogs. Mice eat grass, hay, salat, vegetables, cheese but not too much because it is fatty. The time of the gestation period is between 21 and 23 days and one birth contains 4 to 8 young mice.

Now I want to introduce you a few different types of mice

The Housemouse
The 7 to 11 cm long mammals have a tail that is almost as long as their body. The small rodents weigh 20 to 25 grams. Their mostly gray fur is smooth and short. The Housemouse has big ears which are almost not hairy. Natural habitats of the house mouse are steppes and deserts. There the animals live underground. They dig tunnels and structures in the ground, where they build their nests. In the human environment, the house mouse can be found in houses, apartments, pantries, cellars, in fields and many other places where they feel safe and find enough food.

The Fieldmouse
Their body is 9 to 12 cm long but their tail is only 2,5 to 3,8 cm long. The Fieldmouse weigh about 18 to 40 grams. This little mammal is rather plump, with small ears and short fur. The field mouse is widespread in Europe, Middle Asia and China. It lives in different habitats: meadows, forests,
not too wet, open terrain but also very dry terrain, such dunes and dry pine forests.

The Mongolian gerbil
It has a bodylength from about 9 to 14 cm and a taillength from 9 to 12 cm. They are with 70 to 100 grams one of the heaviest types of the mice. Originally found in the steppes and semi-deserts of Asia. The climate is dry and hot in summer, dry in winter and very cold. This is why gerbils are well adapted to the cold, but tolerate no moisture. The animals spend most of their time in their underground construction.

The African dwarfmouse
Also known as African baby mouse are one of the small representatives of long-tailed mice. With a body length of about 5 cm and a weight of about 5 gram they are the smallest rodent in Africa. Dwarf mice live in family networks and are dusk and nocturnal. Preferably they are found within the grass layer, where they like to create an extensive duct system.

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