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The most famous cities in Florida Miami is a close settled city in Miami River in the Miami-Dade county in the US federal state Florida, the USA, with 382.894 inhabitants and seat of the county management. The city has a size of 143.1 km . Although the city itself is not especially big, the conurbation encloses South Florida Metropolitan area many smaller cities. The name "Miami" comes from the Indian word Mayaimi (big water). Miami River delivers the water in the Everglades and flows from there into the Atlantic. On the 18th July, 1896 Miami with about 300 inhabitants was officially appointed the city. During the 1920s the game of chance was permitted in Miami, and the prohibition was ignored to a great extent. Thus to immigrated thousands from the north of the USA to Miami and released therefore the construction boom. The skyline of Miami with her high rises originated. In 1927 the construction boom was stopped by a disastrous cyclone and afterwards by the depression. During the 2-nd world war the military built many education barracks all around Miami, conditioned by the strategically favorable position. In search of work many men and women came back again and thus the population grew till 1950 on more than 500,000 people in Miami and surroundings. Jacksonville is a city in the federal state Florida (county Duval county) in the United States of America.
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