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Media in the USA - Referat

Media in the USA

Ladies and Gentleman,

In my presentation I want to talk about media in America and its development from the beginning with the newspaper to the progress of TV.

First I want to explain the meaning of media.
Media is the best way to transport information from one place to millions of other places at the same time.
So if you have a message and you want many people to watch out in a short time, then I am sure you will use one type of media to get much attention.
There are many different possibilities to convey information…for instance the newspaper, all kinds of magazines, the TV and also the internet.

You see, you’re already using media in your life every time, if it is a magazine you’re reading, a TV-show you’re watching or a site you opened while you were surfing at the internet.

Now I want to show you two kinds of media, the newspaper and the TV, a bit more exactly.

The newspaper is one of the oldest possibilities to spread information.
One of the first was the Pennsylvania evening post, which got its first success in 1776 with a report about the deceleration of independence. It was the beginning of the distribution of newspapers all over the country. But the papers didn’t look like our papers today, with many coloured pictures, lots of reports from all over the world and also advertisements for everything like jobs, cars and contacts. No, there was only one or two reports about something that happened in the town an sometimes there was one picture in black and white.
And another difference between this time and today is the occurrence of the papers, there was only one perhaps two papers in the town which reported about the news.
Today there are over 50 different papers in America and every city gots 5 or 6 only for news happened in their city for example the Chicago sun, New York daily news, the Herald, the Boston globe, Wall street journal and the Detroit Free Press.

You can find newspapers for all occasion of life, if you’re interested in stock market, you can read the Wall street journal. You need to know about the newest problem in the world then try the New York daily news or the Boston globe. There is a paper for everyone.

Apart from the newspaper, the TV is the most used type of media, almost every household got one or two TVs. You can’t live without having a one.
But how was the beginning and when did it start?

In 1884 a man named Nipkow
had the idea of the first TV but he gets arrested and couldn’t go on with his invention…so everyone forget this idea…but after about 50 years in 1930 two Germans Loewe and Ardenne tried to continue with Nipkows idea and they were successful.
They really invented the first TV.
In 1934 this invention came to America, the first TVs, were big boxes which looked like big radios…and they got really small screens as you can see on the second page at N°2 and 3.
They were not electronic, there was a small motor with a spinning disc and a neon lamp which worked together to get a picture.

The studios in which the first broadcasts were produced look like a kind of a photo studio, as you can see on the picture on page one.
There was only one person who talks about the daily news or other events of the day and this person was only filmed by one camera, not by 4 or 5 as we know it in the shows of today.

The picture which was received by the big TV boxes was bad and vague, it was a mix of red and orange…there weren’t much different colours. You can see this on page two at picture N°1.
Later the picture became better and the screen gets bigger, the orange and red changed into black and white and also the number of channel became bigger.
And the TV wasn’t powered any longer by the motor with the spinning disc, now it was electronic.

So you can see that the TV had really changed from 1930 till today. In the past there were only one or two channel which reports about daily news and events, but today we got much more channel for every occasion, channel for kids, news, soaps, music, TV shopping and so on. And also the screen had changed, from small to big….and everything is coloured not only the orange and red picture.

Thanks for listening.

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