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Mattersburg in Österreich - Kurzbeschreibung in Englisch - Referat


Mattersburg is a small city in the east of Austria, in Burgenland. It has only 6.200 inhabitants, but it’s popular in Austria. If you come to visit the city, you can sleep in the only one hotel in the city, called “Florianihof”.

If you want to go shopping you can go to the much small shops in the centre, there are shops for clothes, cosmetic, newspapers, photos, food, electronic, bank and so on… If you have a car you can go to the “FMZ” center. It’s a little bit outside the city, but it takes you only two minutes with the car. There are a lot of shops.

If you want to see some cultural things there’s a lot to see. For example the big St Martins church on the big hill in the centre. You can see the church from everywhere in the city. There’s a smaller church too, in the north of the city, in the city part Walbersdorf. It’s possible to see the “Pestsäule” on the “Hauptplatz” or the “Halterkreuz”. When you go down from the railway station, towards the river Wulka you will see the “Kulturzentrum”. It’s like a theatre, but it has too a gallery and a library in the “Literaturhaus”.

All the things in the city, you can go by feet, but a car would be goog, to enjoy the wonderful area around Mattersburg.

In the south east of Mattersburg is a small village, called Forchtenstein. It’s located at the Rosaliegebirge, that are about 700 meter high mountains. You can smell the fresh air on the top of the Heuberg or visit the giantic fortress of Forchtenstein. It was built hundred years ago and is very popular across the frontiers of the village. In the summer there are always nice attractiones for the kids, like the “Forfel” festival.

If you want to have some adventure on your holydays, take your bike and discover the bike roads around the city. You can go an the “Rosaliaradweg” to Forchtenstein, on the “Hexenhügelradweg” to the west of Mattersburg or the “Jubiläumsradweg” towards Eisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland, it’s about 20 km.

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