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Matilda Roald Dahl - Referat

Title Matilda
Author: Roald DAHL
Publisher: Penguin Readers
Page prepared to read out: 35

The setting of the book: What type of story is it? Where/When does it take place?
It is a pre-Intermediate book and a story about a girl, her terrible parents and her way to get rid of them. The story takes place in an English speaking country and in a time where teachers were allowed to hit their pupils.

Describe the main characters.
Matilda Wormwood is a very clever and unusual little girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood are ignorant and do not care about her daughter´s education at all, in fact they forget to register her in her school on time.
Michael Wormwood is Matilda´s brother and not very smart.
Mr. Wormwood sells stolen cars and makes a lot of money with his garage.
Mrs. Wormwood stays at home, loves to go shopping and believes that being beautiful is the only thing that is important for women.
Her teacher, Jennifer Honey, is 23 years old and the niece of Miss Trunchball and she loves Matilda.
Agata Trunchbull is the very frightening head teacher of the Crunchem Hall School and the aunt of Miss Honey.

Give a brief story summary.
Matilda does not fit into her family at all. She learns to read at the age of four. In the library she has read all children´s books before she went to school. When she finally starts school she is 5 and half years old and reads Dickens and Hemingway. Her parents don´t care about her at all. Matilda´s father sells stolen and rigged cars. When Matilda finally goes to school she meets her teacher Miss Honey and she loves her. Miss Honey discovers in their first lesson, that Matilda is a genius. She requests to Miss Trunchball that Matilda be moved up to a higher class, but Miss Trunchball refuses. Miss Honey pays the Wormwoods a visit to encourage them to spend more time with Matilda but they do not care about it at all. One week Miss Trunchball teaches Matilda´s class and beats and mistreats Matilda's classmates. Then Matilda gets so angry that she knocks over Miss Trunchball´s glass with the force of her eyes. After that lesson Miss Honey invites Matilda to her house for tea. Miss Honey tells Matilda the secret of her life. Her father, Magnus Honey, was a kind and wealthy doctor. Her mother died when she was two years old. So Mr. Honey invited his sister, Miss Trunchbull, to live with them and to take care of his daughter. When she was five years old Mr. Honey died under mysterious circumstances and Miss Trunchball suddenly was the owner of a big house and all the money from
Mr. Honey. When Miss Honey started to work her aunt frightened her so much, that she had to pay for almost everything in the house. At least she was able to afford the little house where she stays now. In the next lesson Matilda uses her telekinetic power to write a message on the blackboard while Miss Trunchball is teaching her class. She writes: “Agata, give my Jenny back her house, go away from here or I will come to get you, like you got me”. Suddenly Miss Trunchball fell on the floor and the pupils wake her up pouring a cup of water on her face. Miss Trunchball went away and was never ever seen again. Two days later Miss Honey received a letter from a notary that says that they have received her father´s will and it said that her father´s house and money is hers. In the meanwhile the police prosecutes Mr. Wormwood because of his illegal car-selling-business. The Wormwoods escape to Spain, but Matilda finally stays with Miss Honey to live with her.

Describe your favourite part and discuss why you would/would not use this particular book in class.
My favorite part is when Miss Trunchball is lying on the floor and the kids try to wake her up. The different emotions are described, Matilda is proud of herself and Miss Honey overjoyed.

I would use this particular book in class, because it is easy and very amusing to read. The story encourages young people who do not grow up in a nice environment, still to think positive and to put their feelers out on finding their Miss Honey and redirect their negative feelings into positive actions.

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