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Mark Webber - Referat

Thank you for being interested in my presentation. I want to present you today the racer Mark Webber.

Mark Webber goes with 14 years to the Kart-sport. He wins 1992 his first kart-championship title.
Webber moves 1999 as a test driver to formula 1 to the team ‘Arrows’.
In the year 2000 he moved to ‘Benetton’ and 2002 he drive with Alex Yoong at the team Minardi. Then in 2003 and 2004 he drives by Jaguar Racing. And last year he drives with Nick Heidfeld in the BMW Williams team. Now he drives with the new German driver Nico Rosberg in the Williams team.
Mark starts at 68 races but only in 43 races he come trough the goal. His best world champion result was the 10th place. And his best result was the 3rd place.
It’s only Podium place was at the 22.May, 2005 at the GP of Monte Carlo.
Marks idol is Michael Schumacher.


Racetrack – Rennstrecke
Result – Ergebnis
Virgo – Jungfrau (Sternzeichen)
Hazel – Haselnuss (hier: Augenfarbe)

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