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Malcolm X - Referat

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Movie: Malcolm X, books Autobiography (published by Alex Haley) which is called Malcolm X, too


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Malcolm X

Born: 19 May 1925 in Omaha/Nebraska
Mother: born on Grenada and grew up there
Father: preacher, activist in first black civil rights movement founded by Marcus

Mother sent away from Grenada when young
She went to Montreal, Canada
she met Earl Little marriage in 1919
moved together to Philadelphia, Omaha (birth of Malcolm) than to Lansing.
Malcolm is the fourth of eight children. From earlier marriage of his father three half brother and sisters.
The breeding of the parents was very tight.
1931 bus ran over father some thought suicide Malcolm thought he was killed by a white man
the seven children were to much for Louise Little
because of the thightness of the breeding X rebelled against the school
by reason of this he had to change school in 1938
he began to steal
in 1939 his mother was sent to a mental institution (unterstrichen heißt erklären)
after this X was sent to a youth centre in 1939
he liked it there but his teacher stopped his motivation
he visited his half-sister in Boston he moved there
he stayed long times in the ghetto and began to smoke marihuana
he tried to became white curl=Locke
don’t want to be involved in the II World War -> show
he founded a gang of burglars in 1945
in 1946 he was caught by the police and got arrested (for 6 years, judges say 8 years)
in jail he was visited from his brother -> Nation of Islam
1949 he entered the N.o.I. he got confidence through this organization
he read a lot and began to hold speeches
came free in 1952
he denied military service a second time -> Korea war
he changed his name in Malcolm X through the organisation
he moved up in the NoI became an important man, main preacher
in the NoI everybody had to live very ascetic
X raised money for the NoI and recruit members in the temple in New York
Number of members grew up enormous through X and the NoI became very popular (through books or documentaries)
X had not much time for other things beside his work
But he got to know a woman short time later
1958 he married Betty Jean Sanders
he got 4 children who got names of big men of the history (Attallah-Atilla, Qubilah-Kublai Khan, Ilyasah-Elijah Muhammad, Gamilah Lamumbah-Lumumba(congolese revolutionist)
Cassius Clay invited X to his trainings camp for his fight against Liston
X supported Clay in a psychological way, after Clay won X became a symbol of the NoI
Clay confessed himself to the Islam and changed his name in Muhammad Ali
because X speeches got more and more political and social and his reaction to the assassination of JFK(X said he had no sympathy for him and X thought the government of JFK helped to assassin the revolutionary congolese head of government Lumumba)he got suspended by the NoI in Dec 1963 after this he left the org in Mar 1964
X founded the Muslim Mosque Inc because he wanted to remain Muslim
X travelled
to Mekka, Saudi-Arabia, Beirut, Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana
Because of this trip he changed his name in Malik El-Shabazz
After the trip he founded a new organization called organization of afro-american unity (OAAU) the mainaim was the black nationalism in a new way. Blacks should have control over their living environment.
X wanted to enforce his policy “by any means necessary” (this policy was shown in revolutions in Cuba, Russia, China and Afrika).
This means that he wanted to use even weapons
Since this point in time he actively took part in the civil right movement (it’s late 1964)
X gave his last speech at the 18 Feb in 1965
At the 21 Feb 1965 X wanted to present the program of the OAAU
Before X could start two men in the audience had an argument. The guards went there to stop it. At this moment X was unprotected. A smoke-bomb detonated. It was a complete chaos. Someone shot at X’s breast with a shotgun.
The two men who started an argument were involved in the assassination
One of them was caught and got almost lynched
The two other men escaped
All three were members or former members of the NOI
X said before he got shot that he knew that the NOI was mostly infiltrated by policemen. So the police had to know what the organization is planning.
When the NOI doesn’t realise the assassination the three men had to act on their own

X’s two organizations (OAAU and the Muslim Mosque) broke down after his violent death
X was a special man, because he was one of the few black leaders who didn’t let himself get corrupted by anyone
In the end of his life X stepped in for socialism and a worldwide revolution.

X was born as a poor little child. But he worked and faught for a more humane existence for himself and a lot of Blacks in the USA and all over the world.

X was an political opponent of M.L.King

X influenced A lot of people
For example: Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale who founded the Black Panther Party
Cassius Clay Also known as Muhammed Ali
The society basically the american

In contrast to this X was influenced by Elijah Muhammed, the Islam

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, meaning the Malcolm (or Malik) who is from the tribe or family of Shabazz and has made the Hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca. However, most people in the United States continued to call him Malcolm X, a name he did not reject.
für bilder malcolm x college ist in chicago, malcolm x parks
malcolms grab ist in hartsdale new york

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