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Mahatma Gandhi - 7.Version - Referat

Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Gandhi ore also called Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most important leaders of the Indian Revolution. He fought for the Indian Independence and thats the reason why he's specially in the twentieth centruy so famous.
Mahatma Gandhi grew up in porbandar in a family with 4 other children. He was Hinduism and he believed in a world without violent. When Gandhi joined a group of Indians who were fighting for the indian independence.Because in 1915 the British army become more and more violent. The army killed more then thousands of Indian people by protest for the Indian independence. Gandhi insisted that non violent would be more effective so Gandhi organised many peaceful protests. The consequences were that Gandhi had to go to prison. Gandhi wanted one independent country with the same rights for all peaople. But the Muslims wanted their own country so when India became Independent in 1947 there were two new countrys born. India with the majority of Hindus and Pakistan which was a Musllim country. All in all muslims and hindus fought together in their own countrys to became independent. But the violence didn't stopped so Gandhi said that he would not eat again till all the fights stopped. And amazingly five days later there was peace that was a great victory of Gandhi. Suddenly in the same year Gandhi was shot by an extremist and he killed him.
All in all Gandhi is a big name in the Indian history but also we in Germany should know who this famous person is. I have great respect of him because he initiated the Independence of India with no violence and he believed in it very strong.

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