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Macbeth - Referat

Drunken guards killed our great King Duncan!

Yesterday King Duncan was killed by his own guards during his stay in the Inverness Castle of Macbeth the Thane of Cawdor. Confusion made his masterpiece in this sacrilegious murder. Honour and grace are dead! The nation is in trouble and Inverness Castle is turned upside down. King Duncan`s body has been carried to Come-kill, the sacred storehouse of his predecessors. Brave Macbeth is supposed to be our next King! He has already been named.

Brave Macbeth killed the murderers!

The guards of King Duncan were drunk and have been found asleep next to the Royal King. Their hands and faces were covered with blood and their daggers, too. They have been found unwiped on their pillows. Totally in rage great Macbeth killed the murderers immediately. The quickness of his decision is defined by his fury about the awful deed. Nobody would blame him because any loyal inhabitant would have done the same.

Nature in chaos!

Thunder, lightning and rain filled the night yesterday. The animals acted up and showed an unnatural behaviour. The owl as the fatal bellman killed a falcon. Duncans horses escaped wildly and killed each other afterwards. Chimneys were blown down and the people hid frightened in their houses scared of the lamentations in the air.
The strange screams of death seemed to predict evil things.

Legal successors of the King on flight!

The two sons of King Duncan immediately fled to Ireland and England after the royal corpse had been found. This throws the suspicion on Malcolm and Donalbain and especially after Malcolm’s appointment to the Prince of Cumberland. That appears to be a plot against the King of Scotland to occupy the throne of the kingdom.
Are they responsible for the death of their father and our great King, committed by the corrupted guards, to gain the royal status?

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