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Mumford & Sons are an English folk rock band.

The band consists of
-Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, guitar, drums, mandolin),
-Ben Lovett (keyboards, accordion, drums),
-Winston Marshall (banjo, guitar),
-Ted Dwane (drums, guitar).
The band name originates from the fact that Marcus Mumford was the most visible member, organising the band and their performances.

Mumford & Sons were formed in December 2007.
A handful of similar bands were increasing their visibility in West London around the same time, giving rise to the label "West London folk scene".
Mumford downplays that characterisation as an exaggeration — Mumford & Sons and a few other folk acts just happened to be operating in the same general area at the time. They meant it's a community, not a scene.
Having developed in the same musical and cultural environment, Mumford & Sons' sound has been compared to that of artists such as Noah and the Whale, Johnny Flynn, and Laura Marling, for whom Marcus Mumford used to drum.
Mumford & Sons recorded an EP „Love Your Ground“ and made small concerts in the UK and the United States to expose audiences to their music and build support for an eventual album.
In early 2008 the band began working with manager Adam Tudhope, who, as part of management company Everybody's, also represents Keane.
June 2008 marked the band's first appearance at the Glastonbury Festival. Mumford also toured Australia two times with Laura Marling.
Their first album „Sigh No More“ was released in 2009. It reached number one in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.
The only track from „Love Your Ground“ to be included on „Sigh No More„ was "Little Lion Man".
The band said that they self-financed the album to avoid the artistic and technical compromises that sometimes happen to studio-financed projects.
The band gained popularity throughout 2010, performing for larger audiences and making their first network television appearances in the US.
In March 2012 Mumford and Sons played for David Cameron and Barack Obama at a state dinner at the White House. The band have been personally invited by prime minister Cameron, while Obama has booked singer John Legend to perform. Around 1,000 guests attended the dinner, which has been held in honour of Cameron's
visit to the US.
In August 2012 they placed six songs on the Billboard Hot 100 -
the most by a band in a week since the Beatles 1964.
The band's second studio album „Babel“ was released in September 2012.
The album debuted at number one in the UK and US,
becoming the fastest selling album of 2012 in the UK,
and the second-biggest selling in 2012 in the US.
It is sold over a million times worldwide.
In Summer 2013 they are starting a tour with 4concerts in Canada and 21 in the United States.
Musical style and influences
The band uses bluegrass and folk instrumentation, such as a banjo, mandolin and piano, played with a rhythmic style based in alternative rock and folk.
Much of Mumford & Sons' lyrical content has a strong literary influence,
its debut album name deriving from William Shakespeare's „Much Ado About Nothing“.
The titel oft he song "Roll Away Your Stone"' alludes to Macbeth and includes also some lines.
"The Cave" includes several references to The Odyssey,
in particular the sirens that Odysseus encounters on his journey home.

Awards and nominations:
2010: ARIA Music Awards, Q Awards
2011: Billboard Music Awards, BRIT Awards
2013: BRIT Awards, Echo Awards, Grammy Awards (Album oft he year Babel), Juno Awards

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