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Lost Soul - Referat

She had a nice life, many friends and even more fun, but inside herself something broke all in a sudden. She didn’t know what it was so she couldn’t stop the pain. One day she went to a boy and told him about her problem and he said “I don’t wanna hear that shit. Kill yourself then.” Those words sounded in her ear and it was the worst pain she’d ever felt. “Why was he so cruel to me?” she thought and soon forgot about her true friends. Time went by and she talked to the boy again. This time he said “Don’t think about the whole thing and I’ll be your friend again.” But was it his right to decide about life and death? “No” a voice said in her head. “But I just don’t wanna loose him!” she cried. “But I also can’t forget about the suicide thing.” Actually she knew that inside herself she had already decided what to do.

It was a hot summer day in August when she went up the stairs of the building she had chosen. Every step became more difficult and it seemed if it took her hours until she’d finally arrived at the top. “I hope he’ll feel the same pain and wish he’d never talked to me like that.” she thought, jumped and fell down hundreds of metres until she reached the bottom.
When Christian watched TV this evening he couldn’t believe what he saw. Although the police didn’t know who the girl was the boy knew that it was the girl who disappeared. If he had realized she loved him so much, if he had known this friendship was so important to her he wouldn’t have called her a bitch. “She was always joking about it, how could I know she really meant it?” he thought. “If I hadn’t been so mean to her maybe she’d be alive now.” All in a matter he wanted to scream. “Why didn’t she think about her friends?”
And what about the girl? She sat on a cloud – lonely, depressed and not satisfied at all. “Why does he give a damn? I thought he wouldn’t care, that he would say it was my own fault. God, please, let me go back!” But the lonely soul knew it was impossible. A few seconds and some words which Christian said. He was so afraid to loose the girl he loved and said to his mind he was hating her and it wouldn’t matter if she’s alive or not.

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