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Los Angeles - Referat

Los Angeles is a large coastal town in south California in the west of the USA. It is the largest city as well as the capital of California and the second largest city in the USA with a total population of 3.800.000.Los Angeles is famous because of the mild climate and the film and television industry. In Los Angeles there are 4 boroughs: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Anaheim!

Hollywood: Hollywood is the most well-known film metropolis of America and the world. Six large film studios dominate the industry: Universal Studios, MGM, Warner Brothers, Paramount Films, 20th Century Fox and Columbia Films.

The most well-known Film studio = Universal Studios: The Universal Studios welcomes its visitors with a theme- park, to which belongs a shopping street. The most important attraction in the theme-park is the studio route which shows behind the scenery of the films and many spectacular effects: you can watch for example houses burn, earthquakes and subways derail.

Back to Hollywood: another attraction from Hollywood: Man's Chinese Theatre: This is a famous premiere cinema in the style of a Chinese church. In front of the building are the foot and hand prints of many famous stars.

Walk of Fame: On the Walk of Fame there are stars with the names of the most famous people of the industry. This sidewalk goes along the Hollywood boulevard and Vine- Street. At the beginning there were 2000 empty stars, but with the time it becomes more stars!
The landmark from Hollywood is the HOLLYWOOD- sign in the Hollywood Hills, which is over the borough. Each letter of the sign is 12 meters high.

Beverly Hills: Beverly Hills has the highest population of stars worldwide. A (simple) house in Beverly Hills is not to have under 1 million $ - in contrast to Santa Monica, where a normal house costs only 200,000$.

Rodeo drive: The Rodeo drive is a road in Beverly Hills. It is the
most expensive road of the world. Here are only expensive shops where only the rich peoples buy something. Here are all well-known designers with their shops.

Santa Monica: Santa Monica is famous for its beaches. The beaches are big and large. When visitors came to LA and want to visit a beach they go to Santa Monica beaches.
A famous beach is Venice Beach.

Anaheim: In Anaheim is a Disneyland with a Fantasyland for Children, an adventure land and tomorrow land etc.

And in Downtown there is a
Chinatown: Exactly the same as in New York and in San Francisco there is also a Chinatown in L.A. It is not very large, just a sidewalk. There are Chinese shops and restaurants.

Little Tokyo: In Little Tokyo is only a Japanese Shopping Centre with many Sushi restaurants.

And one area is called Old Town. There are Mexican Shops and Mexican Food.

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