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London auf Englisch - Referat

London auf Engelisch


London is the capital of Great Britain and England. The biggest river in London is the Thames (75km) and it flows into the North Sea. London has a population of 7 Mio people and an area of 1596 square kilometres. If you want to travel to London you can go there by car and ferry, car and ďEuro StarĒ or by plane. The ferry drives from Calais to Dover, there are the White Cliffs. The journey takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Big Ben:

Big Ben is the big bell in the tower that belongs to the Houses of Parliaments. The diameter of the face is 8 metres. The clock tower has a high of 97 metres.

The Tower of London:

A long time ago it was a prison and today itís a museum and there are the Crown Jewels. The people feed the ravens that fly around the tower because they are a sign of the Tower. Queen Elizabeth l sat in the White Tower of the Tower of London.

Tower Bridge:

Itís a bridge across the Thames (75km) and at the top of the Tower Bridge is a museum. When big ships want to cross the bridge opens in the middle. The Tower Bridge was built from 1886-1894.The Towers are 66metres high.

Westminster Abbey:

In this cathedral the new kings and queens are crowned. There are two high towers and beautiful windows. Itís a gothic cathedral.

St. Paulís Cathedral:

Sir Christopher Wren built this cathedral in 1610. It was destroyed by soldiers in 1650 and the rest of the cathedral burned down because of the big fire in London 1666 and was rebuilt 1676.

The Globe Theatre:

It looks like the real house of William Shakespeare and all of his plays are shown there. For example: Romeo and Juliet, Mac Beth, Hamlet etc.

Piccadilly Circus:

Itís a big advertising board. And itís a crossroad of Piccadilly and Regent Street.

Trafalgar Square:

In the middle of this place is an angel with an arrow and a bow in his hands. Itís one of the most famous places of London.

Madame Tussaudís:

Madame Tussaud was born in 1761 in Strasbourg.
She learned to make wax figures and then she made masks of the heads. She died in 1850. Now there are famous people made out of wax. For example: The royal family, David Beckham, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Gerhard SchrŲder and Madame Tussaud herself.

The London Eye:

Itís the biggest wheel of Great Britain and you can sit in it and you can see London of another version.

10 Downing Street:

In 10 Downing Street lives the prime minister. His name is Tony Blair.

Buckingham Palace:

The big palace with the big garden is the place of residence of the royal family. The Changing of the Guards is usually at 11.30 am and many people come to see it. The ceremony is in front of the Buckingham Palace.


The royal family lives in the Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth was born in 1533. She was in prison and was released because she was crowned to queen.

Queen Elizabeth ll was born 1926 and she is the oldest daughter of George lV.

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, was born 1948.

Duke Philip, the duke of Edinburgh, was born 1921.

Princess Diana, the princess of Wales, was born 1961 and she died in an accident in 1997.

Prince William is the son of Diana and Charles.

Prince Harry is Williamís brother.


The cars in Great Britain drive on the left. The steering wheel is also on the left.


The underground in London is known as the tube. The tube brings you from one station to another station. The most famous station in London is ďWaterloo StationĒ.


A lot of busses in London are red. And all of them are two-storey-busses.


The most taxis are black but some are multicoloured. Taxi drivers know their town very well. This taxis are called the Black Caps.

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