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London is the capital of Great Britain and England. The biggest river in London is the Thames and it flows into the North Sea. London has a population of 7 Mio people and an area of 1600 square kilometers. If you want to travel to London you can go there by car and ferry, “Euro Star” or by plane. In England they pay with pounds.

Now I tell you about the most famous buildings in London.

Big Ben
In London is a big bell. The name of this is Big Ben. Every hour you can hear it. Big Ben is 13,720 kilograms heavy. The sound is deep. You can hear the sound in the BBC radio.

Tower Bridge

it’s a bridge across the Thames and at the top of the Tower Bridge is a museum. When big ships want to cross the bridge opens in the middle. The Tower Bridge was built from 1886-1894.The Towers are 66 meters high.

Madame Tussaud's
Madame Tussaud's is a famous wax museum. There are figures made out wax look like real persons. Here are figure from a killer called Jack the Ripper, The royal family, David Beckham, Marilyn Monroe, Madame Tussaud herself….

The London Eye

it’s the biggest wheel (Riesenrad) of Great Britain and you can sit in it and you can see London of another version.

Hyde Park
In London are many parks the most famous park is the Hyde Park. In the Hyde Park there is the Speakers Kroner, In Speaker Kroner you can say what you want or listen to other people.

Buckingham Palace

The big palace with the big garden is the place of residence of the royal family. The Changing of the Guards is usually at 11.30 am and many people come to see it. The ceremony (Feierlichkeit) is in front of the Buckingham Palace
10 Downing Street

In 10 Downing Street lives the prime minister.
His name is Gordon Brown.

Piccadilly Circus
The most famous place is the Piccadilly Circus. Here drive cars, tourist coaches, red buses and black taxis. On the place stand a statue. Nobody knows the name. Under Piccadilly Circus are two Underground lines. Near the Piccadilly Circus are theatres, operas, ballets and fifty cinemas.

In London there are many theatres, operas and ballets.


The cars in Great Britain drive on the left. The steering wheel is also on the left.

The underground in London is known as the tube. The tube brings you from one station to another station. The most famous station in London is “Waterloo Station”.

A lot of busses in London are red. And all of them are two-storey-busses.

The most taxis are black but some are multicolored. Taxi drivers know their town very well. The taxis are called the Black Caps.

The Policemen of London are called Bobbies. They wear long black hats, the uniform is black to and they are friendly. They haven't a pistol with them.

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