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London - 7.Version - Referat


1. Introduction
London is the capital of Great Britain. It is divided into 33 districts and is the place of the parliament, the king house and the government.

2. Population
In the metropolis live about 7 million humans. London is a multi-cultural city. There live Christians and Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Sikhs. Nearly 20% of the inhabitants of London are from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

3. Sights
3.1 Streets and Places
> The Trafalgar Square is a large place in the center of London. In the middle of this place is a monument of the admiral Nelson, standing as thanks for the victory in the battle of Trafalgar.
> The Picadilly Circus is also an animated place in the center of London, particularly known by its well “Eros” and the enormous bright hoarding at a curved corner house.

3.2 Famous Buildings
> The Tower of London served in the Middle Ages as fortress, royal palace and prison. Today in the Tower are the British crown jewels and a weapon collection.
> The Tower Bridge is a bridge over the Themse. It is 244 meters long. Moving parts of the bridge can be lifted up, so that larger ships can drive through.
> The Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British monarch in London. Its function as dwelling of the queen Elizabeth II. A special attraction is the changing of the guard.
> The London Eye is a ferris wheel with a height of 135 meters. If the visibilities are optimal, you can see 40 kilometers far from the ferris wheel.
> Palace of Westminster meets the existing British parliament. It has actually 1,100 areas. Some advice halls,sport halls, libraries, lobbies, dining halls and meeting rooms. Also the Big Ben is part of it. It is a tower with 98 meters height and a 13 tons heavy bell.

3.3 Famous Churches
> The Saint Paul's Cathedral is the main church of the Anglikani community. The cathedral has a cross-shaped surface area and is 365 foot high, a foot for each day in the year.
> One of the most visited churches in the Christian world is Westminster Abbey. Traditionally the kings of England are crowned here. Also the Abbey serves as burial place of the monarchs and other famous British people.
> The Neasden Temple is the 2nd largest Hindu temple outside of India. The temple accommodates the exhibition "Understanding Hinduism" and a cultural center.

3.4 Parks
London have a large number of luxurious parks.
> Known "Royal Parks" are the Hyde Park and the Speakers Corner.
> The Royal Botanic Garden is a park with important greenhouses. It is one of the oldest botanic gardens of the world. There you can see plants, which are singular in Europe.
> Richmond Park is the largest royal park. In former times Richmond was the deer hunting ground of king Edward I..Main attractions are the unsolicited wapitis and fallow deers. Also the Isabella Plantation, which have numerous kinds of rare

4. Museums
4.1 Madame Tussauds
Madame Tussauds is one of largest attraction of London. There are show life-sized wax figures by historical shapes and persons from today like sportsmen, film stars, mode creator and models. A place in this spooky cabinet to get, belong today to the largest honours.

4.2 British Museum
The British Museum in London, is the oldest museum of the world. It possesses one of the world-wide biggest and most meaningful collections from all continents and the different epochs. It has objects for the complete culture history of mankind, a collection of Egyptian mummies and the Elgin Marbles, which are parts of a jewellery of a sculpture from Athens.

In the British capital there are more than 30,000 business. A characteristic is that there is an extra quarter or an extra road for each industry.
> The Oxford Street offers the best selection of department stores. It is very loud and full there.
> For cool fashion, failed gifts or simply for strolling is Covent Garden suitable.
> Knightsbridge is the road of the famous department stores Harrods and Harvey Nichols.
> In Notting Hill there are great fashion shops, multi-cultural restaurants and disk shops. Also there is the Portobello Road Market.

6. Famous People
London is the place of birth of numerous prominent. To the most well-known among several British monarchs, the prime minister John Major, the soccer player David Beckham, the pop singer Elton John, the actor Charlie Chaplin, the film director Alfred Hitchcock and the super models Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss belong.

7. Summary
For my Eurocom I choose this topic, because I spent a day with my school class in July 2005 there. We saw some of the sights, like the Big Ben, The Tower Bridge and took part in a drive with the ship on the Themse. London is an amazing city and because it was too little time to have a look at all sights and to go shopping there, I want to go to London again.

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