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London - 6.Version - Referat

Tower Bridge

Hello, I’m a guide. We take a tour through London. The tour begin by the Tower Bridge.
You can see the Tower Bridge over there standing in the water. If you visit the Tower by car or by bus, you might even get to go across it. That water, by the way, called the river Thames, but i bet knew that. It’s very interesting when really big ships goes by, because all the traffic stops and the two parts of the bridge open up to let the ship go through.

There’s a place near by called St. Katherine’s Docks; many small boats are tied up or parked there. There’s also a little beach near here at the edge of the river where sand was put and you can play there if your folks let you.

About the Tower of London

The Tower of London s quite large, and lots of neat things have happend here. It was built a long time ago by a Frenchman called William the Conquerer who came over to england in the year 1066. He wanted to built a castle inside of a big fort so that future kings could live here. After he died other kings built smaller towers and walls around the castle William had built, and all the buildings together became known as the Tower of London.

Later on King Richard I, dug a big ditch around it and filled it with the water from the River Thames, and he calles that a moat. Maybe some of you have built a sandcastle and scooped out the sand around it and filled it with water. Thats what they did at the Tower of London. This is a very good place to live for kings and queens because their enemies couldn’t get into the fort to attack them.

Nobody could get into the Tower of London unless they had permission from the people who were inside. If they wanted to let anyone in they would lower a wooden bridge on chains across the moat, and then the people could just walk across. This biridge was called a drawbridge. If they didn’t lower the drawbridge the only way a person could get into the castle would be to swim across the moat. Since that was usually filled with nasty smelling water filled with garbage and old potato peelings, people didn’t want to swim across. Besides, with the drawbridge up the door was closed, so even swimming across wouldn’t really work. The moat is no longer there because it was very smelly, and theyprobably didn’t want people falling in. Now there’s just grass where the water used to be.

The Lion Tower

Do we want some ice cream and go to the Tower Restaurant? The Tower Restaurant wasn’t always a restaurant. In the olden days there used to be a tower here called Lion Tower.

The Lion Tower was called that because the king used to keep all kinds of animals here. It was his zoo. There was elephants, bears, lions, giraffs, ... . All of those big animals were indoors. I think that was very silly, then I don’t keep so big animals in our house. Later must all the animals to the London Zoo. This was a nicer place for the animals, because they had there more space to walk about.

The Byward Tower

The first building when you cross the little bridge over the grass where the moat used to be called the Byward Tower. Inside the archway of the Byward Tower there was a gate that would come down to keep people out. This gate instead always go up and down.

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a building which has a big bell in it, because this call the tower the Bell Tower. They ring the bell late in the evening to tell visitors they are shutting down the Tower of London for night and that has to leave. In the olden days a soldier would ring the bells as a warning for the people, they must go into the castle.

In ist history, there was lots of plots agianst the kings and queens of England. Somestimes made people trouble and were locked up in the Tower. Lots of famous people were locked up of the Tower of London. In the Bell Tower was Princess Elizabeth who became later her daughter Queen Elizabeth and her half-daughter Queen Mary.

They were daughters of the King Henry VIII, but Mary was older than Elizabeth and so had she right to be Queen after Henry died. Mary was afraid that people would like Elizabeth better tough, and that her sister would plot against her, so she locked her up in the Bell Tower. Later Elizabeth became the Queen Elizabeth and she locked up her enemies in the Tower of London, too.

The Beefeaters

A popular name for Yeoman Warders is Beefeaters in the part of the Tower of London. They look after the Crown Jewels. They are very helpful when you hace questions. Usually their doats are blue with red trim, but on special occasions zhey dress up in their best clothes which are bright red withgold trim.

When the Beefeaters have a parade than walk they around with these long spears called pikes. They never used this spears by the parades because this spears are to dangerous. The Beefasters love to walk and have their pictures taken when all dressed up.

The Queen’s House

The Queen’s House looks nothing like other buildings inside the Tower. Because the Queen’s House was made in a diffrent style. This building was made with wood
or timber and the other buildings are stone, brick or a mix of two. The Queen’s House has a couple of stories or floors.

A long time ago was in there a huge fire that called the Great ire of London. And there were lot of houses burned, because they were largely made of wood. The Queen’s House was the only surviving house of that style from that time because it’s inside the stones walls of the Tower of London. That makes the Queen’s House so save.

This house has more intresting things and stories. Do you know the very famous story of the Guy Fawkes? Guy Fawkes was a man who tried to blow up the English Houses of Parliament. He and his friends was made a tunnel under the Parliament . They rolled barrels of gunpowder into the basement and stacked them there. They planned on November 5th a big firework with the barrels with gunpowder. Guy Fawkes was captured. He was taken to the Tower of London as a prisoner. At the Tower , inside the Queen’s House- he made a confess that he was going to blow up Parliament, and he say them all the names of all his friends who helped him..

Now, celebrated in England every November 5th, the Guy Fawkes Day. Boys and girls get an old clothesand stuff it with straw. With the straw make they a straw figure that looks like Guy Fawkes. This figure called Guy. The kids put the guy in a wooden cart and take him house to house and asking people for „apenny für the Guy please“ .

From this collected pennies buy the kids fireworks, rockets, sparklers, bangers, ... . When everyone is dark, built the kids and adults a huge bonfire with woods and sticks, and they throw the straw Guy on this and burn it. And then burn all their fireworks and chants a rhyme:
„Please to remember
The 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot
We know of no reason
Why gunpo wder treason
Should ever be forgot.“

The Ravens

Next to the Queen’s House is the Tower Green. That isn’s a building, it is the grass or the „green“ that belongs to the Tower of London. Although that isn’t a green Tower, this is grass before the Tower of London.

The ravens there can’t fly, because their wings have been clipped, so they can’t fly away. Sometimes peck the ravens at people shoes or peck at the people fingers.

Traitor’s Gate

Over the river is a big gate. That‘s called Traitor’s Gate. That’s Gate is here because when the sheriff the prisoners brought with a boat to the Tower of London.

Usuallythey were brought to the Tower at night because some of them were liked by a lot of people and had a lot of friends, and the king or queen who locked then up didn’t want those peolpe to get mad and riot. They bring the prisoners at night because than is it harder to see. Traitor’s Gate used to be called Water Lane

The Crown Jewels

The Tower of London is a fort there are houses and there lived all the soldiers, and buildings where they all their swords and weapons.the soldiers used to wear metal suits and that’s called armor, too. The dress what a soldier musr wear is very heavy. When they walked, you could probably hear them coming. The soldiers lived in the Jewel House, too. In this house are the Corwn Jewels. The crowns have lots of diamonds, rubies and pearls that sparkle and shine. The crown is made with real gold. The crown is very heavy so i think you can’t wear it long because you become a stiff neck.

The White Tower

The last place from the sight-seeing through London is the Whiter Tower. It was built in 1070 by William the Conqueror. The Tower is really what people think of as the Tower of London, although that name really means all the buildings within the tower walls. In the White Tower lived the kings with their families or their friends. They had there everything. There are a lot of very big rooms.

The Tower haver very thick walls because when enemies attack the Tower, wanted the king strong walls. Instead windows have the Tower slits in the walls. Because is it a little dark and cold inside the Tower. That is the best place to live for the king then here was he save and nobody bother the king.

For a long time ago lived in the Tower of London the kings and queens but they don’t live
There today. The Queen of England lives in the Buckingham Palace, that is a big house in
London. There is it nicer because there are electricity and hot water. The last king who lived
In the Tower was James I. He lived in the sixtennth century. That’s a long, long time ago.

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