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London is the capital of Great Britain. London is the political, commercial, and cultural centre of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. London is the situated on either Side of the river Thames. The southern part consists of factories, warehouses, shops and small private houses. In the northern part are all the important buildings. More than 20 bridges span the river Thames. The finest of them is Tower Bridge. It has too crossing a permanent footway and a drawbridge that can be raised, so that big ships can pass thought. London Bridge is the oldest of the bridges.
The Tower of London is more than 900 years old. First it was a fortress. Later it was a palace, a prison and even a Royal Zoo. Today no king or queen lives there, but hundreds of visitors go there every day to see the historic towers. The Crown Jewels are kept there and there is also a collection of historic weapons in one tower. Men in colourful uniforms show people the most interesting things. They are called ďBeefeatersĒ and every night one of them goes out to look the gates of Tower and then takes the keys to the guard room. Big Ben near the Houses of Parliament You can see a clock tower in it there is one of the biggest bells in England, called Big Ben.
Westminster Abby is one of the most interesting churches in England. Nearly all English kings and queens have been crowned there, and if you go inside you can see the famous Coronation Chair. It is also the buried place of people.
Piccadilly Circus is the centre of West End. There you can find most of the famous shops, stories, theatres and cinemas.
Saint Paulís Cathedral is one of Londonís landmarks. After the Great Fire in 1666 it was rebuild by Sir Christopher Wren. More than 600 steps lead you up to the top of
the cathedral where you find the Whispering Gallery. The London home of Elisabeth II is Buckingham Palace. In the flag is flying on top, it means she is at home. Tourists stand outside the palace to watch the Changing of the Guards.
Hyde Park is one of Londonís big famous parks. In Speakerís Corner you can listen to people talking about any topics.
Trafalgar Square is a favourite meeting place for tourists. There you can see Nelsonís Column and you can also feed lots of pigeons
In the National Gallery you can find very famous paintings.
Downing Street 10 is the home of the Prime Minister and is a small street of Whitehall.
Harrods is one of Londonís biggest and most important department stories.
Madame Tussaudís is a museum with wax figures of famous people.

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