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London - 4.Version - Referat

Now I want to talk about the districts of London
7,1 Million people live in London today.
London is divided into three different districts.
We speak of:
The City of London
Inner London
Outer London
London is surrounded by green areas.

The city of London has a sieze of 2,6 km² and it’s the heart of the old city. It lies on the noth banks of the river Thames. The City of London is the financial centre. There is the Bank of London, the stock market, the Mansion House, the Royal Exchange and the Residence of the Lord Mayor.

In my third point I’m talking about the impotant building First Westminster Abbey.
Westminster Abbey a gothic cathedral is built from Eduard the consessor as a Benedictine monastery. Since Wilhelm the Conqueror all Kings and Queens are crowned by the archbishop of Canterbury and that is why Westminster Abbey hasn’t got a denomination. In Westminster Abbey a lot of celebrities
are buried there.
For example: Charles Darwin, Georg Friedrich Händel and Isaac Newton and the whole Royal Family.

Second: Buckingham palace
Buckingham Palace, originally called Buckingham House, was built by John Sheffield. Since 1837 it’s the official residence of the Royal family. After some rebuilding the palace has over 600 rooms and the grounds are 20 hectare tall. Also the palace is the working place of 450 people. Everyday there is a big ceremony of the Changing of the Guards, that’s a major tourist attraction.

The Tower of London was built in the Middle Ages along the river Thames. It was used as a fort with an armoury and a prison, especially for rich prisoner. The last time it was used as a prison was in the Second World War and the last prisoner was the deputy of Hitler, Rudolf Hess. Today the tower is a tourist attraction because of the British crown jewels.

And my last point I want to present is:
What’s so special of London?
In London, like in whole Britain, they drive on the left-hand side. People often go by taxi because going by your own car is very expensive. They introduced toll for Inner London. You see a lot of red double-decker-buses which transport tourists and offer sightseeing tours. In London is also the biggest shopping centre in the world named Harrods. As the Queen’s place of residence in London you also find many shops which have the word “Royal” in their name.

That was my project work I hope you enjoyed it. Now I want to answer your questions.

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