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London - 3.Version - Referat

London is the biggest town in
England. Here are living 6,700,000
people and here there are 20,000 streets.

The Queen of England lives in
London.Her name is Queen
Elizabeth II She doesn't live
in a house, she lives in a palace
call Buckingham Palace.
The palace has 660 rooms.

In London are a lot of bridges.The
most famous bridge is the Tower
Bridge.It was built in 1894.When a
big ship is coming the worker on
the bridge must lift up the bridge

There are Pearly Kings and Queens.
They have the name from the pearly
buttons on their clothes. They work
in street markets.They are kings and
queens of the market people. But
they wear not their pearly clothes
every day.

In London are a lot of famous streets for example:
In the Downing street 10 lives the Primary Minister Tony Blaire.
At the Oxford street and the Carneby Street you can go

The most famous place is the
Picadilly Circus. Here are buskers.
When they can play good music
they can earn a lot of money. Five
important streets meet the Picadilly
Circus. Here drive cars, tourist
coaches, red buses and black
taxis. On Picadilly Circus are some
shops. People come every time
to buy something. On the place
stand a statue. Nobody know
the name. Under Picadilly Circus
are two Underground lines.
People like the restaurants with
the twenty different food from
other countries.Near the Picadilly
circus are theatres, operas, ballets
and fifty cinemas.

The biggest Shopping Centre
is call Harrods.

Madame Tussaud's is a famous
wax museum. There are figures
made out wax look like real
persons. Here is a figure from a
killer called Jack the Ripper.
Nobody know, as he looked.

In London there are two famous
Football clubs:
London Arsenal and Chelsea London.
The owner is a rich man.

In London is a big bell. The name of this
is Big Ben. Every hour you can hear it.
Big Ben is 13,720 kilogramms heavy. The
sound is deep. You can hear the sound
in the BBC radio.

There are in London a lot of markets. In
Portobello Road you can buy old things.
Often are old things so interessting.

Petticoat Lane is the Cockney market in
the city. The real Cockneys can hear
Bow Bells from their house. Perhaps you
can see on a Sunday morning a Pearly
King or Queen. The seller sell new things.
Sometimes you needn't this things but the
seller switch you this on.

The Covent
Garden is an old famous fruit
and vegetable market. But the market is
not more on the old place. The fruits and
vegetables are taken to the new place
near the Thames by trucks. The market
is so busy. There are new shops and
cafes. You can sit in front of the cafes,
drink a coffee and listen to the music.
Sometimes you meet old friends and talk
with them.

There are360 Chelsea Pensioniers. They are old soldiers.
Near the Thames is a hospital for them. At the time from
June to August they wear long red coats and when
it is cold outside blue thick coats.

The Policemen of London are called
Bobbys. They wear long black hats,
the uniform is black to and they are
friendly. They haven't a pisol with them.

There is a Hyde Park in London. Here you can relax
like other parks. But here are Speakers. You can hear to.
Every Sunday they are in this park.The Hyde Park is near the
Tower of London.

You can see the Tower of London from the Tower Bridge.The
Tower of London was a prison.In the yard of the tower are
ravens.The english people say when the ravens fly away here
will be war. The wings of the ravens are trimed.

The Imperal State Crown is precious. The Crown
is one from the Crown Jewels. In her are 3000
stones. There are diamands,
pearls, rubins and sapphires.
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