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London Sights - Referat


Lodnon ist the captial city of Great britan and england. The biggest river in london is the river thames,it flows into the north sea. Lodnon has a population of 7 Mio. People and an are of 1600 sqaure kolimeters. If you want to travel to london you can go there by car, ferry, the train euro star or by plane. The ferry drives from calais to dover along the white cliffs and it takes 1 hour. In the same time you can fly from Basel as an example.

Tower of London

On the northerst Coast of the river thems stands the Tower of London. Inside the tower are the public record office the coin reserve of London. Also inside is the amoury of the military. english kings and queens lifed thier till jakob the first. Today the tower are the safe of the english crown jewels.At the south side of the tower of london is the tower brigde. Its an road bride over the rive Thems and linked the City of London at the northern side with the London borough of Southwark on the south side. The brigde is 244 meters long and the tower are 65 meters high. The type is a balance bridge who can open the wings till 83 grade. This is necessary because sometimes higher ships drive alonge the thames. After 8 years build time the Tower bridge were finished in the Year 1894.

Palace of Westminster

The famous Tower in London is the 93 meter high bell tower Big ben.The Clockwork was designed by Sir George Airy and Edmund Dension. The minute hand is 4meter long the hour hand only 2,8 meters. Big ben is actual the bell insde the tower and not the hole building. It is an part of the Palace of Westminster , the House of commons and the house of lords, and its located in the city of westminster at parlament square. The importanted parts are the rooms of the house of commons and house of lords. This building contains another 1.100 rooms like the dining hall or the gym. For the protection of this biudling and the political is the Gentleman Usher of Black Rod and many police officers responsible. The prime minister dont life in the palace of westminster his home is the downing street no. 10 in the london city.

Buckingham Palace

The buckingham palace stand in city of westminster and is the offical home of the queens and kings of Great Britain. The apartment of the queen is inside the palace. Buckingham palace also an venue of offical cause of the staate. The king gaurds are red dressed and patrol along the walls and the fence. This soldiers are not allowed to react to the tourist. The most of them stand many hours on the same place without any move. To join the gaurdian is an high glory but also a very hard job when you always imitated by the toursits.The Buckingham palace and the gaurds are one of the most visited tourist attraction.

London Eye

On the south coast of the river themse stand the big wheel london eye. The hole building is 135 meters high and was until 2006 the highest wheel of the world. The london eye got
32 cabine,each of them can carry 26 peopel, and the drive takes 30 minutes. You can see london in an other point of view. At the highest point of the drive you can see the hole city and castle windsor 40 km outside of london.

Saint Pauls Cathedral

In the city of london stands the saint pauls cathedral. The 111meter high church is the head church of the Anglikanischen church of london. The 111 meter are 365 feet and stand for the year that got 365 days. On the top of the church is the Golden gallery where you can see london. Under the church is an Krypta where many famous peopel buried, for example Alexander fleming the discoverer of Penicelin or Christopher Wren who build the saint pauls cathedral.

Westminster Abbey

The westminster abbey is another church in the city of westminster. There were traditionel the kings and queens of england crowned and buried like many other english statesman. For example Eduard the confessor, one of the first english kings and Charles Darwin an british nature explorer who did an exciting discovery about the life theorie. On the northest piece of the church is the casket of king eduard, behind the casket is the cronation seat.In the year 1981 princess Diana and Prince Charles did their wedding in westminster abbey. More then 1000 Mio. Peopel followed the weeding on TV.


In London you have a few ways to travel inside the city, for example the london undergorund. That was called the tube. The name comes from the pipe shaped tunnels where the train drives. At the time their are 270 stations in london and the hole distance more then 400 kilometers. Every day 2,7 million people use the underground in 11 different Lines that all identfide with different colours. An other way to travel are the famous red busses, some of them are two storey busses where you can sit outside. Their are 700 different lines and every day 6 mio. People travel with them . An different and luxxuray way to travel inside the city is the taxis that called black caps because their are all black coloured. Some of them are for handicapped people and the minimum price for every passenger is 2 pound 20. Not authorised caps are illegel so its not possible to get talked from an not authorised taxi driver.

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