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London has lots of great museums. And some of the biggest and most interesting ones are free! Visit the Science Museum with its experiments and the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum.

London markets are cool places! And you can enjoy yourself without buying anything. Here are some of the best:
Spitalfields Market is a great place if you want to look for some cool clothes. There are also lots of places in the market where you can find something cheap and nice for lunch so it’s a great way to spend a day with friends.
Camden is home to six different markets. At Camden Lock you can find games, puzzles, music and films – great for presents! Go to Camden Buck Street Market to find alternative clothes, jewellery and fashion accessories.
At Covent Garden you can enjoy great street entertainers who make music, show a pantomime or do acrobatics. Then there are lots of open air cafes, pubs and restaurants. The shops are stylish and might be a bit expensive but it’s great to have a look.
Portobello Road Market 
Come over to Portobello Road to enjoy the atmosphere and buy some hot snacks. Walk down the hill (away from Notting Hill Station) to find cheap second-hand clothes and jewellery.

You like to go dancing? Then choose from more than 300 clubs. Whatever music you like, you will find a place where you can dance the night away.

London has thousands of shops and the longest shopping street in the world – Oxford Street. With over 300 shops and a mile and a half long, Oxford Street is always busy. It is especially beautiful at Christmas when the Christmas lights are on.

If you want to go to the cinema in London then you've come to the right place. The largest and most famous cinemas are in Leicester Square. This is where many film premiers happen, so if you’re lucky, you might see a famous film star!

The River Thames

The River Thames, which flows through London, is the longest and best-known river in Britain. It is 210 miles/338 kilometres long and flows from the Cotswolds in Central England to the North Sea.
In London you can go walking along its banks – this is a good way to see the city’s many tourist sights.
You can also take a boat along the river past the Houses of Parliament. Many people like to go rowing or sailing along the river too.

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
The Houses of Parliament are very large and impressive buildings next to the River Thames. It's the
meeting place of the British Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. When it was built in 1825, many people did not like it. Some of them even wanted to hang the architect, Charles Barry!
The clock in the parliament building is very famous. It's called Big Ben. You can hear its sound in many films. The sound is also used on TV or on the radio to introduce the news.

The London Eye
The London Eye is a big wheel next to the river. It was built to celebrate the beginning of the new millennium in London. The wheel is 135 m and from the top on a clear day you can see quite a lot of London. The 32 hi-tech capsules can carry over 15,000 visitors per day. But it's popular, so you often have to wait a long time. Tip: You can book online.

The Tower of London
The Tower of London is probably London’s oldest building. Parts of it are about 1,000 years old. For many years the Tower of London was a castle and a prison. It’s also famous for its executions. The Tower’s most famous creatures are its ravens. The legend says that if the ravens leave the Tower, Britain will collapse.
The Tower is also home of the Crown Jewels.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is the Queen's office and home. When she's at home you can see her flag above the building. You can visit some of the rooms, but you probably won't see the Queen.

If you're lucky you can see at 11.30 a parade of guards that marches with a music band. It's nice to watch them in their colourful uniforms. This ceremony is called “Changing of the Guard” and is when the Old Guard meets the New Guard. It's very popular with tourists.

Madame Tussauds
Would you like to meet Britney Spears? Then come to Madame Tussauds. The French woman started this museum over 200 years ago. Here you can see models of famous people, dead and alive, made out of wax, e.g. Lady Di or David and Victoria Beckham.
It's expensive to go there and you have to wait in a very long queue, but it's a must for every tourist!

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