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Linking words & Writing a comment - Referat

1.) Linking words
Find all suitable linking words for XXX. The number in brackets tells you how many possibilities there are.

a) XXX he never learns at home, he always gets good marks at school. (1)

b) Leeroyís parents have a lot of money. XXX he always wears the most expensive clothes. (1)
thatís why

c) Our team will probably lose the next footballmatch. XXX we must give our best. (2)
thatís why

d)Joseph has three houses in Italy and two apartments in France. XXX he owns five cars and a yacht. (4)
on top of that
in addition

e) I will lose all my friends XXX we move to another country. (1)

f) We have to buy hin a really nice present XXX he will disappointed. (2)

g) He has lots of pets XXX dogs, cats, rabbits and a parrot. (3)
for example
for instance

2.) Writing
Choose one of the following topics and write a comment about it.
(Iíve chosen the first topic)
1. Should whaling in Alaska be stopped??
2. Should Germanys only go on holiday in Germany?

Should whaling in Alaska be stopped?

In the following text I am going to give my opinion about Inuit whaling and whether it should be stopped.

First of all the Inuits use every part of the whales. For example they eat the meat or they use the skin as clothes and tents. You must see that they donít waste any parts.
Furthermore, Inuit whaling is an 8.000 year-old-tradition. So itís important for their culture. For instance every year they celebrate a whaling festival which is called ďNalukataqĒ. Just imagine somebody didnít let us celebrate ďOktoberfestĒ.
On top of that the Inuits are allowed to kill whales and in addition they only kill 60 whales every year. So you probably agree that they donít endanger them.

All in all the Inuits donít let whales die out. Thatís why we shouldnít stop the whaling in Alaska. Itís just Inuit culture.

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