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Linkin Park - 4.Version - Referat

Linkin Park

Linkin Park was founded 1996 in Los Angeles. At first the band was called Xero. The founder-members were Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn and Mike Wakefield, who left the band 2 years later. Xero, now with no vocalist, asked Chester Bennington to sing for the band. He sent them a demo, and since that day he is member of Linkin Park. After Chester joined the band, they changed their name into “Hybrid Theory”, but there was one band with the same name, so they had to change it again into Linkin Park.

Their first album, called “Hybrid Theory”, was released 1999. “One Step Closer”, one song of the album, was on the soundtrack for the movie “Das Experiment” too. 3 Years later a remix of their fist album, “Reanimation”, was released. 2003 they released their second album, “Meteora”. 2004 “Collision Course”, an album in cooperation with the rapper Jay Z, was released. 2007 Linkin Park released their latest album, “Minutes to Midnight”.

Now I want to tell you something about the current members of Linkin Park.

Chester Bennington, the lead-vocalist of Linkin Park, was born in Phoenix 1976. Before he came to Linkin Park, he sang for the Band “Grey Daze”. When he was a little kid, he got abused. He was addicted to drugs, much of his friends committed suicide.

Mike Shinoda, the rapper, guitarist and keyboarder was born in Agoura 1977. His mother is Russian, his father is Japanese. He is one of the founder-members of Linkin Park.

Joseph Hahn, the DJ of Linkin Park, was born in Glendale 1977. His parents are from Korea. He produced the music videos for Linkin Park.

Rob Bourdon, the drummer of the band, was born in Calabasas 1979. The Aerosmith-drummer, who was a friend of his mother, taught him how to play with drums.

Brad Delson, the lead-guitarist, was born 1977 in Agoura. He is – like Bourdon – a believing Jew, and his parents spend a meal for homeless persons every year.

David Farrell, the bassist of Linkin Park, was born in Plymouth 1977. “Hybrid theory” was made without him, because he played in another band, which was called “Tasty Snax”. After one album of the band, he rejoined Linkin Park.

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