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Levis Jeans - Referat

Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss, the father of the blue jeans, was born on 26th of February in 1829 as the youngest of seven children. His parents gave him the name LŲb. He growed up in a jewish family as the son of Hirsch Strauss. He stayed the first 18 years of his live in the little village Buttenheim in Germany. After the death of Levis father, his family got economic problems. So LŲbís mother Rebecca, he and two of his sisters immigrated to New York. They followed the two oldest brothers, which made money with a textile shop. That time it came into his mind that he didnít like his name, so he named himself Levi. Then he took on the American nationality.
Several years later on the American west coast all people looked for gold and there luck, Levi leaved New York and went to San Francisco and began with the production of his famous trousers.
He died on the 26th of September in 1902, but even today everybody knows the famous Levis jeans.


When Strauss came to California, the people there were in the middle of the Gold Rush. The people, who worked in the mines needed robust clothes and this was Leviís luck. His first trousers were brown and were held by braces. His jeans get very popular in the Wild West, thatís why the businessman became rich. The workers there liked the Levis jeans because the textile was and is very robust and they could wear it at working
The trousers he produced were made of canvas, which is a heavy material, and sold it to the workers; because they couldnít find clothes strong enough for the work they were doing. Before this invention they knew canvas only as textile for tents.
These trousers were what the workers needed, and so Strauss sold all the pants he had made.
Strauss wanted to improve his trousers. He wanted to make them even better.
So he bought a fabric which was called denim. Denim was softer, but as strong as Canvas. The miners liked the fabric very much, even more than Canvas and so they bought even more.
However, denim had no color. Because of this denim pants looked not very interesting, and they got dirty easily. To solve these problems, Strauss dyed the denim blue. This moment the trousers were called ďtschinuaĒ
The businessman improved the pants again and again and
Soon after the jeans was the most wearing one on all continents.
The trousers, which were called ďjeansĒ in the meantime, are considered not just practical but very fashionable as well.
Today, about 100 years after the death of Levis, his jeans is the well known jeans all over the world.


Till now the company is one of the biggest Jeans producer all around the world and Leviís is one of the most famous brands. The name jeans for those longwearing trousers came in the 1960th years first.
There is a model, Leviís 501, which is probable the best known and the most wearing jeans from the whole world.
Since 1936 the trademark is a red logo on
the right back trouser pocket. From 1936 to 1971 they used the big E, but after 1971 you can read LeVIíS with a little e.
Since 1928 the name Leviís enjoys the protection as a trade mark.
The first forgerys came some years after that.

Two- horse brand

Original the two-horse brand was a piece of oilstuff. This brand shows two horses, which are urge from farmers, this animals try to tear a Leviís trouser. You can also read the size and the the modelnumber 501.
1866 the brand changed into art leather and then into real leather.

The company gets the cotton from Cone Mills, which is also a company to produce cotton, since 100 years. In that firm they also make 12 tests, for example a colour test, a strength test, a tissue test and so on.
Then the jeans manufacture can begin. In 33 steps were the Leviís jeans produced. The difference between normally trousers and Leviís jeans is that the Levi ones have two inside seams for better stability. In the factory are strict controls after each manufacture step. Trousers, which doesnít correspond to the demand, go back to repair the fault. After the last big end control the jeans can be sold.


There are five signs to distinguish between normally trousers and Levi ones. The first are the Leviís buttons, which are engraved with the words Ė Levi Strauss and Co. Another signs are the Levi rivets and the curved seams on the back, which serve as decoration.
The piece of leather, called two- horse brand and the red logo with the word Leviís on it on the right backside pocket.


1890 Strauss found the company Levi Strauss & Company.
Till the end of year 1873 they sold 70.500 trousers made out of demin. Two factories produced these jeans.
10 years later there were 535 employed people.
Today the company is an international group. Leviís jeans are sold in 100 states. Because of the high price the company Levi Strauss and Co doesnít produce anything in USA, but in other countries like Polen and Hungary. Now the brands Dockers and Silvertab belong to the firm Levi Strauss.
1902 he died and he leaved his company his four nephews.

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