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Latest developments in the field of computer technology - Referat

Latest developments in the field of computer technology

-nearly every week – new inventions or improved parts
-one of the fastest area of research

-most important development in the past
dual-core technology

way to build fast and very powerful CPUs

CPU: Central Processing Unit
-mounted on the mainboard
-Consist of several million small transistors >physic
-heart and the most important element of a pc-system >also mobiles, calculators, etc.
-is responsible for the interpretation of commands and to run programs
-ca. 1cm²

-there are 3 main manufactures >INTEL, AMD, IBM
-they are involved in a rat race (competition) to be leader of the branch

to understand dual-core < you have to know some elements of the cpu
-cache: memory float which stores information to speed up the work of the cpu
is divided in L1 and L2 cache
> L1 – First-Level-Cache stores commands and facts; increases the speed of the cpu
> L2 – Second-Level-Cache stores information from the slower RAM (Random Access Memory), a memory tract of the pc
-bus: is a access-system for the change of information or energy between different elements of the pc
-Pipelining: is the abilty of the cpu to seperate commands and blocs of information in smaller units to process them parallel with the highest efficiency
-like a machine which do many steps parallel instead of doing them one after another

now what is different with a dual-core?
simply: every important part of the processor exists twice
>makes the CPU double as fast as a single-core CPU!

Instead of just one processor-core, the chip has two of them
-some elements of the CPU are used by both of the cores, but the most important elements exists for each of them:

each one has used by both
-own L1 Cache -L2 Cache
-Pipelining-ability -Bus interface

>>>divided work is finished faster<<<
-same mass of information need less time to be processed
Like a production line with 2 instead of just 1 worker
or like a highway with double so much tracks
-each core can work with a lower clock frequency - higher performance per watt

>lower current consumption
>less heat
>lower noises

young invention
-many systems not prepared fur dual-core technology
>makes a purchase very expensive

Development motivation
-try to reduce size of computer-elements > Nanotechnology
-try to make CPUs more efficient by the same or less input

next: waiting for quad-core and multi-core CPUs with much more power

Vocabularies and terms

dual-core technology – Zwei-Kern Technologie
Central Processing Unit – zentrale Recheneinheit
main-/motherboard – Hauptplatine, Steckplatte für die einzelnen Rechnerkomponenten
transistors = electronic circuits – elektrische Schaltungen
rat race – ständiger Konkurrenzkampf
memory float – Datenpuffer/-speicher
access = connection
interface – Anschluss
to process – abarbeiten/bearbeiten
clock frequency/pulse frequency - Taktfrequenz
current consumption - Stromverbrauch

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