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Las Vegas - Referat

Las Vegas

I would like to present you Las Vegas. Was anybody of you at Vegas? Vegas is famous for its casinos, the entertainment and gambling. The name ¨Las Vegas¨ is Spanish and means ¨the meadows¨, on German ¨die Wiesen¨. The name comes from the Mormons. Las Vegas is in the east of the USA and also the largest city of the federal Nevada. All around of Vegas is desert. -->Bild
Las Vegas has 550’000 inhabitants on an area of 340km2. But with the agglomeration, Vegas has 2’000’000 inhabitants. Under this 2’000’000 people grew also famous people up, for example Andre Agassi or the band ¨The Killers¨ .

1854 the Mormons came and founded Las Vegas. After the Mormons the US-army came and built a fort. The long name of the Mormons is ¨Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzten Tage¨. The success of the city began 1931, when the gambling was allowed. Few years later Las Vegas became a place of criminality and crimes, because of the much money all over in Vegas. For example ¨Cosa Nostra¨, the mafia from Sicilia, has almost every casino under control and a lot of gangster moved to Vegas. Until the 80’s existed a second name for Vegas: ¨Sin City¨ on German, ¨die Stadt der Sünden¨. The reason of this second name were prostitution, nude bars and of course the casinos. But now, the city wanted a better and a family friendly image. And this is succeeding, then today Vegas is popular for families.
In Las Vegas is all the time entertainment and fun, but Vegas have also another side: Vegas are the fourth-dangerous city in the USA and has the highest suicide rate in the USA. I didn’t find the reason, why that’s so. Another big problem is the water supply. The water in Vegas comes from a huge reservoir, from the ¨Lake Mead¨. --> Bild Lake Mead is the biggest unnatural lake in the USA; today, its 170km long and 180m deep. But earlier, the lake had much more water. Experts say that the water is only for 20years sufficient, and then Vegas is going to have a serious water supply-problem.

Other things:
First, I want to show you the map of Vegas. You can see, there are many golf courses. Golf is very popular at Vegas and there are many tourists, which come to Vegas to play Golf. Other sports in Vegas are Basket- and Baseball, Marathons, car racings and in the winter you can also skiing. Much people wonder: ¨How do we come from one place to another place? ¨ Well, Vegas is very un-American, you don’t need a car to move, because everything is close together. But if you don’t like to walk, there are many other means of locomotion; for example taxis, buses, bikes or the monorail, that’s like tram in Basel and it connects the most important hotels, casinos and restaurants. --> Bild.
In Vegas you can also marry. There are so much wedding chapels, you can’t count them! Famous people, like Elvis Presley, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Dieter Bohlen, Cindy Crawford and many, many, others married there. The chapels are very special! When you choose the Elvis Presley chapel, a limousine pick you in your hotel or at the airport up and a copy of Elvis marries you and sings a song for you. If you want that a copy of Marilyn Monroe comes also to your wedding she comes or you can marry in a helicopter or at the Grand Canyon.

Now I want to present you the biggest hotels in Las Vegas exactly. Three quarters of the top 20, this are 75percent of the biggest hotels in the world are in Vegas.
The Luxor is the craziest casino – Luxury hotel in Vegas and the 6th- biggest hotel in the world. The whole hotel is in an Egyptian – style. When you enter in the lobby, you can see palms, statues of the pharaoh Ramses II and fountains. Outside of the hotel is an Obelisk and there lies a sphinx with a complete nose in the garden. But the Luxor doesn’t have a normal look of a hotel - building. It isn’t a normal house, it is a black pyramid. The most special thing is a huge spotlight on the great of the pyramid. This spotlight lights in the night with 315’000 Watt and you can see the light from a long distance. The pyramid, which is 107 metres high, is like a city. There are shops, restaurants, of course the casino and the 4’400 rooms. For example the biggest hotel in Basel, the ¨Swissotel¨, has only 240 rooms.

The Mirage:
The Mirage is known for its Caribbean-flair. There are swimming pools under palms, a jungle and if you want to go into the lobby,
you have to cross a big bridge which is under trees. In front of the hotel there are tigers and lions which belonged to the show of ¨Siegfried & Roy¨, dolphins and a volcano which every hour breaks out.

Bellagio: Video
The Bellagio includes a huge lake, a casino, wedding chapels and of course the hotel. This hotel is one
Of the only hotel in Vegas which doesn’t have any shows and events, but it’s the most expensive
hotel in Vegas. And it’s also my favourite hotel in Vegas because it has one of the most famous sights
in Vegas; the Fountain. The water fountains show every day at different times a water choreography to
a song, for example to ¨My heart will go on¨. 2.52

Paris Las Vegas:
The ¨Paris Las Vegas¨ - hotel is a copy of Paris. There is the ¨Eiffel-Tower¨, the opera of Paris, the Louvre, a conference-room in the style of Versailles and many little French bistros and the hotel staff who speaks French.

Caesar’s Palace:
The Caesar’s Palace, you hear it, is like a palace at the old Romans with many columns, statues and kitsch. There is also a saltwater aquarium and Romans which fight together. One of the biggest shopping malls of Las Vegas, the ¨Forum-Shops¨, is in this hotel too. Many famous people performance in the Caesar’s Palace, for example Elton John or the Pussycat Dolls. And films were filmed in this hotel, for example ¨Hangover¨.

The Venetian:
The Venetian is a copy of Venedig and the biggest hotel in the world. The hotel includes a huge hall, with the Marcus place, the Dogenpalace and even with a channel. On this channel there are the typical gondolas from Vendedig. The light in this hall changes, by night is the light dark and during the day it’s light, so you’re forgetting that you’re in a hall.

Film: (22.47-23.53)
Now, I show you a little film from this hotel as a summary.

New York New York:
The New York New York – hotel is a copy of the real New York. I think, the best thing is the roller coaster which drives around the whole hotel complex. This hotel complex includes parks, skyscrapers, for example the empire state building or the Statue of Liberty. All things are of course smaller than in the real New York. There are also casinos, restaurants and shops in New York New York.

MGM Grand:
Ago 10years, the MGM Grand hotel was the biggest hotel in the world, now it’s the 3rd biggest. The hotel calls itself ¨The city of entertainment¨. The hotel is full of pictures from the entertainment-area, especially from the areas pop and film. The rooms are decorated with pictures from stars which were managed by MGM. The MGM Grand is also famous for its shows. There are many theatres and in these theatres people and shows like David Copperfield or the ¨Cirque du soleil¨ show what they can. And Siegfried & Roy started their career in the MGM.

And this is the last hotel, the Excalibur. Maybe does anybody know of you where the name comes from? …… Well, king Artus, that was a famous king, had a sword, called ¨Excalibur¨ and with this sword he won every fight. And the Excalibur is like a time travel in this time, in the middle ages. The Excalibur looks like a castle. There are bridges over a moat, mythical creatures, lamps which look like castles, coat of arms on every possible place and dragons which fight with knights and which spit fire. In the casino the staff is in costumes like in the middle ages. Altogether the Excalibur is a great hotel for children, but the adults mean that it is to kitschy.

Film: (24.23 – 25.20)
And now, I’m going to show you a second little film as a summary and then I’m going to do my quiz with you.

End: This was my presentation over Las Vegas, I hope you liked it. Do you have any questions?

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