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Lake Constance - Referat

Lake Constance

• lake on the Rhine at northern foot of Alps
• consists of 3 bodies of water (Gewδsser): Obersee, Untersee, Seerhein
• situated in Germany, Switzerland and Austria
• area of 536 km²
• length of 63 km
• greatest depth is 254 metres in the middle of the eastern part of sea
• Sea was frozen in the years 1795. 1830, 1880 and 1963
• islands: Mainau, Reichenau and Lindau
• is situated at 395 m over sea level
• the main source of river Rhine, known as Alpenrhein, the Goldach, the Rotach and Seerhein flow into the lake Constance
• the fishing decline (geht zurόck, nimmt ab) more and more
• lake is today home of the protected Lake Constance whitefish
• some towns near the lake are Bregenz, Friedrichshafen, Lindau or Constance

• name Lake Constance comes from city Constance that was named after a Roman emperor
• German name Bodensee comes from a municipality in north of Lake Constance, name is Bodman – Ludwigshafen

• shore length of the Lake is 273 km long
• is after Lake Balaton and Lake Geneva (Genfersee) the 3rd biggest Lake in Europe
• Lake Constance was formed by a glacier before ca. 120 000 years in last glacier period
• climate is characterised by soft temperatures
• because of the fφhn wind there is in winter very often fog and in summer often sticky
• in the years 1817, 1821 and 1999 there were floods over 6 m

• until 19. century Lake Constance was a natural body of water
• since then it was influenced by woodland clearings
• however, there are some nature reserve areas, where Lungen-Enzian, some kinds of Knabenkraut and the Siberian Iris (Sibirische Schwertlilie) grow

• every year ca. 250 000 birds come to the Lake to survive the winter
• Lake is also a big roosting place for birds that fly in the south
• in spring it is an important breeding area for birds like Haubentaucher or Blδsshuhn
• furthermore it is home for more than 412 species of birds like Graureiher or Stockente
• in Lake Constance live more than 45 species of fish
• today the lake has a very good water quality

• most important roles of lake are the role of transport, the lake as a holiday area
• vine culture play a big role too
• the fishing declines more and more
• textile industry and metal working are big factors of economy around the lake

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