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Kurt Cobain - Referat

Speech about Kurt Cobain

Kurt Donald Coabin was born on the 20th of February in 1967 in Hoquaim/Washington, a little town which is about 140 km southwest of Seattle.
His parents were named Wendy and Donald Cobain. At the time of Kurts’s birth Wendy worked as a waitress and Don as an auto mechanic. After Kurt birn, they moved in a house in Aberdeen, a lillte town nera Seattle. Music was in his blood, because there were many musician in his family. When he was already 2 years old, Kurt showed that je liked music and played little guitars-plays.
At the age of 3 years, Kurt’s sister Kimberty (Bild 1 (Kurt, Kim and Mary) was born and he loved his younger sister a lot.
Until his 8 year of life Kurt’s life was always alright, but when his parents divorces he was hard suffered. He got depressed and this goes to that his fahter didn’t want to receive him anymore. So he lived with his mom. But when Wendy married again Kurt didn’t like his new father, he was taken from one relative to the next. Kurt hasn’t got a real home, because he was always in an argument with his parents. His housing changed often. He slept at his classmates houses, little time by his teacher… and from time to time he sneaked into his mother’s house and hid himself on the top floor at night, without her knowing. And one little time he lived under a bridge by the river “Wishkah” where he wrote the song “Something in the way” from the album “Nevermind”.

The time through his youth he had no real friends because the others seemed to be too normal. Later he became know to the Drop-Outs at High-School and started to smoke “pot”. Through his new friends he came to know the singer of the “Melvins”, which were a popular band at this time, especially for Kurt. The singer introduced Kurt to Krist Novoselic and they played music a few times but they didn’t made their dreams of music into reality yet.
First in 1988 they were introduced to Chad Channing, a drummer. With the bandname “Nirvana” they published their first album “Bleach” in 1989.Kurt had the idea for the name “Nirvana” (Bild 2 (Logo von Nirvana) while he watched a report about the Buddhism on TV. In this religion “Nirwana” means the release of all your suffering. Kurt and Krist were enthused ans also amazed when they herad their fisrt single “Love Buzz” on the radio. Their dream went to get enough money with their music that they could pay their rent. Now they wanted to become know all over Seattle. The drummer Chad didn’t stay long in the band. Kurt said that Chad had his own style of playing drums and that this style of playing got also right with their songs but it didn’t get right with the music which they really wanted to play. They wanted to get more to Pop-Music but for this kind of music Chad wasn’t suitable. Kurt was so sorry because he liked Chad a lot. But Cobain said, that Chad was more the dreamy hippie and he wasn’t suited for Nirvana. Before Nirvana published their next album “Nevermind” they played little time with the drummer Dale Crover… but when they brought out “Nevermind” (Bild 3 (Album Nevermind) in1991 Dave Grohl was already playing the drums. Krist and Kurt had seen playing Dave wuth his previous band “Scream” in Seattle and were enthused. He played very well and the frontman of the band “Melvins” asked Dave to play with Nirvana and he said yes.(Bild 4 (Kurt, Dave and Krist) Dave moved to Kurt in a little shed. Later Dave said that this was the dirtiest house in which he has ever lived.

Krist’s mother had an empty room over her beauty-saloon in which Krist, Kurt and Dave could rehearse every night and even every night they created a new song.
For them changed the days into nights and the nights changed into days now. Dave said, that they had such a lot of great songs at this time but that they didn’t wrote them all on paper and so they forgot al lot of the
songs… but they didn’t matter about this. Just little time later they got their breakthrough and Nirvana got on the top of the US-Charts with their hitsingle “Smells like teen spirit”. Most people were surprised because Nirvana was a new dimension of music and this made Nirvana to millionaires over night.
In 1991 Kurt Cobain married his girlfriend Courtney Love. (Bild 5 (Kurt & Courtney) Courtney was also a singer of a band. It was called “Hole”. In 1992 Frances Bean Cobain was born – the daughter of Kurt and Courtney (Bild 6 und 7(Frances & Kurt). But because of the problem with drugs Kurt and Courtney had an argument about who should have parental authority over Frances. Kurt loved his daughter a lot but Courtney got the parental authority by a legal action in court.
At the end of the year 1992, Nirvana brought out their album “Incesticide” and at the end of year 1993 their 4th album “In Utero” was made. After that Nirvana had more and more tours. But Kurt got more and more weak what you can trace back to his to high drug-using and his chronic problems with his stomach. He had to force himself to eat but it didn’t stay long in his stomach. He needed heroin to push away all the pain of diseases. Courtney’s and Kurts’s arguments got more and more. She wanted that he go on tour again to get money but Kurt refused. Little time before Kurt died, he came back from a tour in Europe and wanted to visit his daughter Frances. She had always loved his fahter, but when he came back she didn’t know him anymore and Kurt was shocked.

On the 5th of April in 1994, Kurt shot himself. SO it was just told…There are many stories about Kurt’s death. And we don’t know if Kurt committed suicide or if he was murdered
The question is whether is was murder or suecide. This question has always been asked whenever a fan though about Kurt’s death.
On the one hand there were many reasons why he had possibly killed himself.
Kurt was a very sensitive person and didn’t like Nirvana to get as successful as they were. And he didn’t want to get an idole for a whole generation, what he certainly was. In the end he couldn’t really stand this success.
There was also in Rom in 1994 a earlier try to kill himself, but even this suecide try wasn’t his first one.
He often uses themes like “the death” in his song, like in “ I hate myself and I want to die”. Later he said that his title was only a joke.
But on the other hand there were also many facts that showed that he hadn’t killed himself.
His farewell letter wasn’t complete; the last part wasn’t written by Kurt. And the police couldn’t find his fingerprints (even when he didn’t wear glaves) on the gun with which he should have killed himself.
There were also stories that tell us that his wife Courtney wanted to kill him. And other very strange things happened after his death. Someone paid with his credit card.

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