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Name: Kurt Donald Cobain
Live: 171, Lake Washington Boulevard East, Seattle
Born: 20.2.1967
Deathday: 5.4.1994
High: 1,70 m
Weight: 56 kg
Haircolor: blond
Birtplace: Aberdeen (16660 Inhabbitants)
Parents: Wendy und Don Cobain

Kurt Donald Cobain was born at the 20.2.1967 in Aberdeen. His parents are called Wendy and Don Cobain. But as his parents could be separated then, he suffered very from it. Because he became then depressive, his father didn’t want to take in him and so took his mother him to herself. As this mother married however newly and "little Kurt" couldn’t suffer his new "father" , he became in his kinship there her pushed. He had no firm at home. During his youth time he had no right friends, since the other children appeared him to "normally". Later he combined then with the High-School Drop-Outs and to smock caught at (Pot.) First 1988 they did themselves again along with the percussionist Chad Channing around 1989 their first album under the name Nirvana, to publish „Bleach“. Then they inserted a kreative break around 1990/91 with the new percussionist Dale Crover the songs for Nevermind a to play. That stormed with the Hitsingle "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at the top of the American Charts. 1991 Kurt Cobain marry his girlfriend Courtney Love, whereupon 1992 was born Franc- Bean Cobain. If their fourth album in the end 1993 appeared "In Utero". There followed some Tourney and Kurt became always weaker, which on the increased drugs konsum was to be led back. He needed heroin, around with his chronic stomach-aches clearly to come. He shot dead at that 5. April 1994 itself ultimately. Shortly after his death MTV Unplugged in New York appeared still, which was certain really only for the radiation.

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