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Kurt Cobain - 4.Version - Referat

Kurt Cobain

Good morning ladies and gentlermen. My talk is about one of the most famous rockstars, Kurt Cobain.

Kurt Cobain was born on February 20th, 1967 in Aberdeen, Washington. His parents were Wendy and Donald Cobain and he had a sister, Kimberly Cobain. When Kurt was 8 years old his parents got divorced. After the divorce he had psycholgical problems, he was hyperactive and had to take medicine. As a little child he had got drums, but his sister Kimberly destroyed it. On his 14. birthday he had the choice between a guitar and a new bike. He decided in favour of the guitar and got one from his uncle Chuck. Cobain practised with the guitar all the time and at the age of 15 he met Krist Novoselic. They made music together and a few years later they founded the band NIRVANA, but I will talk about this later. At the age of 18, he left school without an exam and moved to Olympia, Washington. There, he lived with his girlfriend Tracy Marander, but because of his unemployment the relationship was broken. In these days he wrote the song „About a girl“.
From 1986, Cobain and Novoselic appeared on the scene with different bands and in 1987 they founded NIRVANA. NIRVANA published four albums and a lot of singles. The style of their music is called „GRUNGE“. The most famous songs are „Smells like teen spirit“ and „Come as you are“. Kurt Cobain was the writer of most of the songs of Nirvana but he also worked with many other bands and realized albums with them.

In April 1989 he had known Courtney Love and three years later, in February 1992, they got married in Waikiki. On August 18th, 1992 their daughter Frances Bean was born.

He wasn´t old when he became problems with his stomach, but no one could explain which kind of illness he had. So he called it „Cobain´s Disease“. As he didn´t get medicine against his pain, he started to take drugs.

In 1990 he sometimes took heroin and after the album „Nevermind“ from Nirvana was published in 1991 he injected it regularly. He made six therapies to become clean - without success. In march 1994 the „In Utero-tour“ had to break off because of his stomach problems. During his last try to become clean, he escaped from a hospital in Los Angeles. On April the 5th, 1994 he commited suicide with a shotgun. In his blood was found a overdose of heroin. But his body was only discovered three days later in a garage from the electrician Gary Smith.

Kurt Cobain, famous singer, guitar-player and songwriter died at the age of 27.
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