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Kurt Cobain - 3.Version - Referat

Name: Kurt Donald Cobain
Residence: 171. Lake Washington boulevard East, Seattle
Born: 20.2.1967
Day of death: 5.4.1994
Size: 1.70 m
Weight: 56 kg
Hair color: blond
Place of birth: Aberdeen (Great Britain)
Parents: Wendy and Don Cobain

Kurt Donald Cobain was born to 20.2.1967 in Aberdeen Great Britain. His parents are called Wendy and Don Cobain. Up to his respected live year he had a beautiful childhood. But when his parents let themselves be separated then, he suffered much from it. Because he became depressive then, his father did not want to accept him and so his mother took him to herself. When this married however again and could not "small Kurt" his new "father" not suffer, he was moved over in his relationship. Thus he did not have firm at home. During his youth time he did not have correct friends, since the other children appeared "normal" to him too. Later he did then with the High School drop Outs together and was caught at Pot to smoke. By his new friends he became acquainted with the singer of the Melvins. This announced him with Krist Novoselic and they agreed later be few times with one another to plays however let his idea then fall. Only 1988 again did he together with the drummer Chad Channing around 1989 their first album under the name Nirvana to publish Bleach. Then they inserted a creative break, in order to bring 1990/91 with the new drummer Dale in Crover the Songs for Nevermind. But on the album her new drummer Dave Grohl already played. That stormed with the hit single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to the point of the American Charts. 1991 marry the singer from Nirvana his friend Courtney Love on which 1992 Frances Bean Cobain were born, for whose custody they had to only go before court. They brought end out of 1992 "Incesticide". At the end of 1993 appeared their fourth album "in Utero". Some tours and Kurt followed became ever weaker, which was to due to the increased drug consumption. He needed heroin, in order to clear-come with his chronic stomach pain. On 5 April 1994 he finally shot himself with a scrap iron gun, since he was catapulted within short time into the inadvertent role of a culture hero. After his death still MTV Unplugged in New York, which was intended actually only for the radiant emittance 1996 became the last album Nirvana's (From The Muddy bank OF The Wishka, to Kurts memory, live recording, appeared short) brought out.

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