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Kruger National Park - Referat

The Kruger National Park
I would like to tell you something about the Kruger National park. The Kruger National park is the oldest, most popular and biggest national park from South Africa. It is an untouched habiat of the most impressive animals in the world. The park promotes tourism in South Africa extremely. He is one of the main attractions in the country. Every year come more than one million people to visit the park and admire the wildlife.

The park is located around 450 kilometers from Johannesburg. He totally includes an area of 4800 kilometers. The National Park is in the northeast of South Africa, between the “Sabie River” and the “Crocodile River”. It is impossible to cross the park in one day. The maximum speed is allowed to drive around the park by 30 kilometers per hour.
Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger, short Paul Kruger, the founder the parks, is born 1825 in South Africa. 1898 was the reserve explains a protected area. After Paul Kruger could not manage the park, managed Stevenson Hamiltonden the park, he was an even greater nature lovers as Kruger. Since 1998 the borders of the park have not changed.
In the National Park live 147 mammal species, for example about ten thousand Elephants, zebras lions, leopards, giraffes and bats; 507 bird species Storks, hawks, owls and flamingos; 114 species of reptiles for example geckos, Balkan snake, turtles, alligators and chameleons; 49 freshwater fishes carp, eel, perch and catfish; Last but not least 34 poison animal species for example the black mamba, scorpions and the poison spiders.

There are a comprehensive selection of diverse accommodation in camps, lodges, safari tents, bungalows, guest houses or luxury lodges.

The weather in South Africa is tropical. Therefore, it is in the summer month hot and rainy, the other hand in the winter month very agreeable, days with warm, dry and cold nights. The most visitors comes at winter. The rainfall is between November and February highest, but it always has to twenty degrees, that is an agreeable temperature to visit the park, because in the summer months it has around thirty seven degrees.

In the Kruger Park, you can do a professional training to a game ranger. This will take six months in five different camps. The training includes environmental science, zoology, flora and fauna in Africa. At the end you have to take an exam, if you have passed these you can call you “Safari Field Guide” and worldwide work in wild reserves.
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