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Kaufmann/frau - Referat

The job from business woman is very instructive.
This job is very varied and interesing.
After an apprenticeship as business women many
ways are open to one.

Merchant takes on the miscellaneous jobs which more or less happen in the administration of all enterprises:
You write letters, protocols, contracts, in the mother tongue and in foreign languages prepare reports, advertise products, reach agreements with customers and suppliers, clarify, shop, plan, organize, lead the accounting, make statistics and so on.
They use the computer for much work.

An apprenticeship as merchant goes 3 years and consists of different steps.
The education at work
The practical work in the bench
The internal banking training
The business vocational school

It is primarily all about the handling in the area of merchant in the banking with money, economy, number news and dealing with people.

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