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Karl Lagerfeld - Referat

Fashiondesigner Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most important fashiondesigner in our time. He was born on 10th of September in 1938 in Hamburg. Nobody knows if this date is right. For many years everybody has congratulated to his 70th birthday. He grew up as the son of the Swiss contractor „Otto Lagerfeld“, who was the inventor from the „Glücksklee Dosenmilch“ and his wife Elisabeth. His right name is Karl Otto Lagerfelds and his Nationality is German. His trademark in the fashion world are his black sunglasses and his long grey pigtail.
In 1953 he left school without leaving certificate and moved with his mother to Paris. There he went to a private school. His career began in 1954. In that year he won the first price from the „International Woolsecretaries“ for the design from a coat. The design of Lagerfeld developped in the studio from the Frensh designer Pierre Balmain. There he was trained to be a dressmaker.
Beside his train to be a dressmaker he was the art director at Jean Patou from 1958 to 1963.
In the following time he changed as a art director to Chloé. He designed a lots of fur models for Fendi and made creations for the label Coco-Chanel.
Coco-Chanel made him internationally more famous. In 1974 he founded his first independent firm with the name „Karl Lagerfeld Impression“. In 1975 he made the perfume „Chloé for woman“ together with Chloé. In the following time he created a lot of other perfumes.
From 1978 to 1982 he worked as a free designer. In 1984 the first dress collections for Chanel followed and he opened his first fashionhouse in Paris.
In the same year he got the chef designer for Chanel. From 1987 he worked for other cloth designers. In addition he created costumes for films and operas. Beside the fashion he descovered the fotography. For that he got the culture price of the German society of fotography.
The most famous model of the world Claudia Schiffer was descovered by Karl Lagerfeld in 1987.
In 2000 Karl Lagerfeld made a diet of his doctor Jean-Claude Houret and lost more than 40kilos of his wight. They published the diet book with the titel „Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Claude Houdret: The 3D diät“.
In October 2003 Lagerfeld got the price „World
Fashion Award“.
2004 he created for the fashionhouse H&M cost effective and exclusive fashion for ladies and gentlemen.
At the fashion shows in October 2005 in Paris, Lagerfeld presented for the first time three collections for Chanel, Chloé and his own label „Lagerfeld Gallery“. On the 1st December 2005 he got the Bambi in the category „creativity“.
In 2005 the fashion house Tommy Hilfiger bought the type „Lagerfeld“, this collections he designed 2006 in Paris. In the end of 2005 the collection of Lagerfeld was no longer sold in the USA. The collections of Lagerfeld where renamed in Karl Lagerfeld. They were shown at the fashion shows in Paris.
In September 2008 the company Steiff presented the „Karl Lagerfeld bear“. Karl Lagerfeld created this in cooperation with this company.
Today the name of his collections are again simple Lagerfeld. The fashion show for ladies in March 2010 in Paris was the last show from Lagerfeld for the time.
2011 he created for Coca-Cola three packaging for the new Coca-Cola light bottle. The whole collection has the name „Coca Cola Light Limited Edition by Karl Lagerfeld“.
In 2011 the wanted to use the time for designing the new autumn/winter collection, which can only be bought online.

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