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Jamaica has 2,6 millions inhabitants and it has been independent since 1962.
The official language is English but with each other they speak Patois-this is a French dialect.
The capital of Jamaica is Kingston. In the rain forest there grows the best coffee of the world.
The political system bases on an English common law and they have a parliamentary monarchy.
The most important export goods are aluminum, bananas, rum and sugar cane.
Textiles, paper industry and the production of alcohol is very important but the most important branch of industry is tourism.


Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. For the most part Cuba is flat with hills and mountains. Havana is the largest city and also the capital.
In Cuba they have a tropical climate.
The main language is Spanish but English is also spoken. In Cuba there live about 11 million people.
Cuba’s education system is one of the best in Latin America.
Che Guevara was a freedom fighter in Cuba. The traditional dances are Conga, Mambo, Salsa and Cha Cha Cha.
In Cuba the most famous cigars are produced.


Mexico is a Central American country and the third largest country in Latin America. The population is almost 88 millions. Catholicism has a significant influence on Mexican culture. Mexico is a federal republic.
Spanish is the official language but although over 100 Indian languages are also spoken.
Mexico came under colonial rule in 1521. Independence was finally attained in 1810.
Most time it is very hot in Mexico.

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