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Kangaroo - Supershoe - Referat


-The kangaroo is a national symbol of Australia and its emblem (=Abbild) is used on the Australian coat of arms (=Nationalwappen)

-The comfortable hopping speed for a Red Kangaroo is about 2025 km/h), but they can speed up to 70 km/h over short distances by jumping very high

-wild kangaroos are shot for meat, leather hides (=Lederhandel), sport, and to protect grazing land for sheep and cattle

-Usually only one young is born at a time. It is blind, hairless and only a few centimetres long; they are just about 40 days in the belly (=Bauch) of their mother ; they are fed by her mother for about 18 months

-There are four main species:
>the red kangaroo (largest, up to 2 meters, tall, can survive almost everywere, and about 90kg heavy)
>Eastern Grey Kangaroo (often seen at the east part of Australia)
>Western Grey Kangaroo (about 54kg, lives in the southern west of Australia)
>Antilopine Kangaroo (live in far-northern part of Australia)


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