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Julia Roberts - Referat

Iīd like to tell you about Julia Roberts...

Julia Fiona Roberts was born in 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia. Her parents are Betty Lou an d Walter Roberts. She has a brother, Eric, an a sister, Lisa. Julias father died when she was ten years old. But before Walter Roberts died, here parents were divorced and Julias father married again. Thatīs why, Julia has a half siser, Nancy!

Julias first dream job was an vet. She loves animals! Then after a actor workshop and with her brothers connections, Julia came to London and in 1986 she has her first apperance in a hollywood film.
The film was Blood Red and in this movie, Julia was very very successful. Her next films were action films, love stories, drama films and so on....

On of her most succesfully movie was Pretty Woman. for this film she was nominated for the Oscar. In Pretty Woman she played a young prostitute and she love her client. It was a very romantic film. Julia Roberts played here with the superstar Richard Gere.

Then a year later, on 2001, Julia got the Oscar for the film Erin Prokovich. In this film she played a single mother in a hard time of her life.

Today she ist married and mother of twins and the best paid actress of the world. Her twins are Hazel and Phinneus, her husbands name ist Danny Moder.

Julia Roberts is not only a good actress, she is a very good people, too. Julia is an important person in the UNICEF Organisation and she visited so many countries. She spend a lot of dollars for poor people, too.

For me, Julia Roberts is the best actress of the worl. I love all her films an her big talent.
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