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John Pemberton - Referat

What type of character is essential to create such a successful beverage consumed nearly all over the world?

The following section is a short biography of Dr. John Stith Pemberton, inventor of Coca-Cola. His ability to focus on new medicine will be specifically analysed.

John Stith Pemberton was born on the 8th of July in 1831 in Knoxville, Georgia.
His parents father James Clifford Pemberton and mother Martha Gen, were both of English descent. John Pemberton grew up and went to school in Rome by Atlanta.
He studied medicine and pharmacy at the Southern Botanico Medical College of Geor-gia, graduating two years later. During his practical training in Philadelphia he met Anna Eliza Clifford Lewis whose father was a “prominent local plantation owner and dry-goods merchant” . Pemberton married Anna in year 1853 and with her he had their first and only child Charles Ney Pemberton.
Pemberton was involved in the Civil War in Georgia (1861-1865) as a first lieutenant. Whilst in service he was shot in the abdomen and chest and as a result of his pain he became addicted to morphine.

When he was 24 years old, he began mixing medicinal products. Fourteen years later, he moved to Atlanta where he became well-known as he created “the largest drug trade” in Atlanta. He was a hard working man and an arduous optimist inventing various medical products whose main use was physical or mental pain relief.
Arguably because of his addiction to morphine he sought other drugs with similar ef-fects but without as serious adverse reactions.

One of his most popular products was called “French Wine Coca”.
Pemberton read many articles about the coca leaves, the kola nut and its numbing ef-fect. Furthermore he gained inspiration from Angelo Mariani’s invented drink “Vin Mariani” made of Bordeaux wine and an essence of coca leaf. He wanted to improve Mariani’s product by adding an extract of the kola nut and replace Bordeaux wine with pure grape wine. Although he was assailed by several diseases, e.g. rheumatism and addicted to morphine, he did lots of experiments on the coca plant as he was convinced of its virtue.
After long experimenting he believed he had produced a better product than Mariani calling it“French Wine Coca”.
After Atlanta prohibited the sale of alcohol in 1886, Pemberton had to search for a new medical beverage
without alcohol, as lots of his popular products (e.g. his French Wine Coca) contained wine. So he started working on a beverage made out of coca leaves but without his popular wine. As the taste was really bitter to him he added a large amount of sugar. To counterbalance the overwhelming sickly sweet flavour he used cit-ric acid.
Finally he found a satisfying formula and called it “Coca-Cola”. Just two days after he had Coca-Cola patented he sold most of his rights on it to Asa Candler because he needed money to fund his morphine addiction.
Asa Candler made sure that the formula of Coca-Cola would market all over the world. He started advertising Coca-Cola and became as well known as Pemberton all over the world.

Eventually the inventor of the Coca-Cola formula, Dr. John Stith Pemberton, died 18th August in 1888 in Atlanta as a poor man.

After concluding this biography, Pendergrast’s final statement: “Pemberton’s entire life had led to his pursuit of the perfect medicine” seems apt: He studied medicine and pharmacy, built a drug store and invested lots of money in his laboratory. His sheer de-termination and hard work brought him to the invention of the new Coca-Cola-formula. Finally he invented the “ultimate medicine and the perfect drink all rolled into one” .

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